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I had considered the x5 but i will need to save up for that :/ what about the ibasso dx50 how does it compare in neutrality to the x3? And will it run my dt770s?
I need a portable music player for my beyer dt770 pro 250 ohm headphones. I am looking for a neutral player with the power to drive my headphones on the go and give me reference sound quality.
Hello, I'm Marvin and I love headphones and DUBSTEP XD
I've let a few of my teachers try my dt770 pros and all of them had the funniest look on their faces. It's almost amazing how they say, why would you spend more then 100$ on headphones are you crazy. Then I say well I enjoy my music and I'm aware of most things other's are not aware of. BTW if you own any beyers or any bass heavy headphones with a large soundstage listen to this song by tipper ( life raft for a death trip and gulch) tell me what you think please :)
A lot of company's probably spend millions of dollars designing headphones. Even the hd800 has a right to be priced at 1500$ because sennheiser put so much hard work into making it, they deserve the money just like all the other hard working company's out there (most people don't understand that fact) but headphones these days are pretty freaking expensive like the stax headphones.
The main reason I think of myself as an audiophile I guess is because. I own a pair of Samson sr850 and dt770 pros and I have come to realize how good acoustic and classical music sound, coming from only listening to dubstep, I now have much appreciation for all music and high fidelity sound reproduction. I have tried many well known headphones out there and I love and have become obsessed with amps and headphones that I probably can't afford right now because I'm only 17...
I don't think so! Hating on beats means that you know what good headphones sound like, and why overbloated bassy headphones are terrible hhahaha. I don't mean to sound too ignorant or anything but considering how many people think beats sound good the people who know that beats aren't good need to be given a cookie and a set of momentums for standing up ​haha
My friend said that beats are the best, so I let him listen to some rap with my dt770s and my fiio e18 and immediately he started dancing with a big smile on his face. Then I asked him how do they sound and he said 'it's OK I guess' lol what a joke. And I'm the only audiophile in my school everyone else has beats and Bose with apple ear buds.
Beyerdynamic Dt770 pro 250 ohm with fiio e12 or e18 would be good. The bass has both quality and quantity and the soundstage is as good as most open back headphones. I fin d them good with everything even classical music and they are only 180$. The isolation is top notch too. Also look into the fostex closed headphones
The dt770 are the best allrounders I've ever heard. I didn't get to try the x1's but I'm sure the dt770 will satisfy you because they have a wide soundstage and very deeply pronounced bass.  I tested many headphones at B&H and the dt770 have the best separation and soundstage under maybe 400 for a closed back. They are also well built and some of the most comfortable under the hd800 and sennheiser hd598. Oh yeah and they block out sound REALLY well and keep your music from...
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