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Yeah you are probably right, and for mastering most producers use the Yamaha ns10's but i don't own those lol.
Well now that i've heard my first planars i can confidently say they are pretty good, the biggest difference is the faster fuller bass and the thicker midrange.  But i don't think that they are superior overall. Like i said i think i will just get the dt880 pros or maybe the beyer t1 if it's neutral. However i have yet to hear a headphone that impresses me as much as my jbl lsr305's in terms of accuracy and tonality, the lsr305's are laid back sounding with a cold clinical...
I tried the el-8 closed at B&H, they sounded odd and distorted to me, i also tried the he400i, did not like them. They had a muffled midrange. The only headphone i liked was the lcd-2 which sounded thick and super warm with a meaty punchy bass. I think i will go with the dt880 pros 32 ohm and be done with it until i can save up  for the audeze lcd's.
 I use the jbl lsr305's to mix most of my music, but i do not have room treatment and a subwoofer to show me the whole picture so i tweak on headphones to finish up and correct mistakes, i need a good headphone that can give me the whole picture, i have my eyes on the he400i at the moment but i'm willing to wait and go up in price if i must to get what i want. Also i generally just love to hear my music the way it was made so i love neutrality above all else, and i love...
Ok i'm tearing my hair out trying to decide what headphone to get for general listening mixing and mastering purposes. I was going to buy the el-8 open back but the reviews say they are not worth it. I am thinking about buying the he400s but i want something better and preferably something that's not hard to drive with a neutral sound signature. Any recommendations for a neutral natural esay to drive open back headphone? Preferably planar magnetic.
Ok, can you recommend anything?
I'm saving up to either buy the hifiman he560 or get the 400i as my first planar magnetic headphone. I will be mixing/mastering on these headphones so i need a nice inexpensive amp to drive them.
Ok thank you.
I'm buying the sennheiser hd700 to use with my fiio x1 and e18, Will the fiio x1 be good enough for the hd700 in terms of sound quality?
​Well Coming from the budget samson sr850's i'm quite use to peaky treble but if the treble on them is that bad then i guess i'll look else where however i will be going to B&H soon test them out so for now but i just want to get as many opinions as possible before i make my choice. If the hd700 is at least half as good as the hd800 i'll go with them lol.
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