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Ok, can you recommend anything?
I'm saving up to either buy the hifiman he560 or get the 400i as my first planar magnetic headphone. I will be mixing/mastering on these headphones so i need a nice inexpensive amp to drive them.
Ok thank you.
I'm buying the sennheiser hd700 to use with my fiio x1 and e18, Will the fiio x1 be good enough for the hd700 in terms of sound quality?
​Well Coming from the budget samson sr850's i'm quite use to peaky treble but if the treble on them is that bad then i guess i'll look else where however i will be going to B&H soon test them out so for now but i just want to get as many opinions as possible before i make my choice. If the hd700 is at least half as good as the hd800 i'll go with them lol.
I'm looking at getting the HD700 for listening to music indoors and outdoors while also using them to mix music on. Will these cans go good with my fiio x1 e18 combo for musical enjoyment. I listen to a wide variety of music but mostly dubstep orchestral and soundtrack music from movies. I'm not a bass head but i do enjoy some thump in my headphones, Will my fiio x1 and e18 combo be able to drive them? If you have any other recommdations i'd like to hear them. What i'm...
Your not funny,  I need real information on frequency response correction. 
Hello,  I am designing  my own high end headphones.  But I just wanted to know how do most developer's make their headphones have a flat frequency  response.  What type of equipment do they use? Is it possible for me to get this equipment to optimize my headphones. 
Awesome the dx90 just went down to 388$. Now it's within my price range :) 
I hope so for $350 it better be worth it, unlike my fiio e18 which I regret buying.
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