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Your not funny,  I need real information on frequency response correction. 
Hello,  I am designing  my own high end headphones.  But I just wanted to know how do most developer's make their headphones have a flat frequency  response.  What type of equipment do they use? Is it possible for me to get this equipment to optimize my headphones. 
Awesome the dx90 just went down to 388$. Now it's within my price range :) 
I hope so for $350 it better be worth it, unlike my fiio e18 which I regret buying.
Yeah I'm going for the x5. I can finally stop carrying around my tablet and this e18 sigh
I should mention that this will be my first DAP and that I have only once listened to a DAP so no matter which one I get I'm pretty sure both will be fun for me. If iI can find the dx90 cheaper I will get that but for now I will be saving up for the x5.
So the x5 sounds like a better choice for me, considering that my dt770 are easy to listen to and rich in bass. Like I said i listen to everything so a smoother presentation will go well with the x5. And it's a better choice for my wallet :P The last thing I want is my music being boring 
OK so the x5 sounds like it will be more fun while the dx90 will be more resolving. I listen to dubstep and classical music and a little rock here and there so the reason why I want a neutral DAP is because I don't want the songs to sound completely different from each other. I listen to almost every single genre out there so I need less coloration with my music so the dx90 might be a better choice but I also want some fun in my music so it won't sound boring. Maybe I will...
I've listened to the sennheiser hd600 and hd650 and the k701 so I know what warm sound is like. Those three are very laid back and warm sounding with the k701 being brighter and thicker in the midrange and treble. So if the dx90 is more neutral then that is the DAP I'll go with. I personally don't like warm sound signatures if the x5 is like that.
That would take too long, I have more than 1000 songs and I'm also leaning towards the x5 because I've read it's more neutral compared the the dx90. And I kinda dislike apple for being too proprietary and limiting.
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