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Use a neutral amplifier and dac such as Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear. Hope that helps ;)
How does the conductor compared to the Lehmann audio BCL USB?
I am using a Lehmann audio BCL with a external dac but when i tried the burson conductor, the sound quality is not as good as my current setup. The midrange is lacking but the bass is tighter and stronger. I do not think upgrading to a conductor is an upgrade but more like a side grade. What do you guys think?
I solved the T90 brightness issue with Lehmann audio BCL and a neutral dac. A neutral amplifier can reduce the brightness of the headphones. Hope this help:)
Since i am upgrading my headphones recently, should i get the T1 or HD800?
Nice bro! hope you like it!
Try the T90 with the Woo audio WA6 or WA2, Lehmann audio BCL and the Centrance Dacmini. It pairs very well with these amplifiers however, it these amplifiers cost a lot.
Has anyone tried the Violectric V281 with the T90 or other headphones before?
Have anyone tried the T90 with Lehmann audio BCL? It is a wonderful setup as the T90 headphones sound so clear and engaging. This headphones need a wonderful amp to proves its worth. You would never ever regret trying this out. :)
The power cable does make a huge difference to noise floor and details.
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