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My new woo audio WDS 1 could not be turned on instantly after it is being switched off. Is it normal?
Yeah haha thanks :)
Got a new woo audio wds-1 dac for my headphone setup and it sounds very nice with my T90 headphones. 
Yeah Lehmann audio is a darker sounding amplifier but it is very neutral.
Please try out amplifiers such as the Lehmann audio BCL or the ALO audio studio six, it really sounds very good with the T90 headphones. Just mt 2 cents. 
I am buying a woo audio wds-1 dac for my audio system. Do anyone here has any comments?
Hi everyone! I have a T90 connected to my Lehmann audio BCL USB with a denon dac300usb. I want to make an upgrade recently but i am not sure what to upgrade. 1) Should i upgrade my headphones to hd800? 2) Should i buy an additional headphone amplifier, Burson Soloist? 3) Should i purchase a power conditional the Isotek Polaris Evo3? Tried it before and it makes a difference to audio system
Beyerdyamic T90 headphones are not bright when paired with the right amplifier and dac. I believe many users are complaining about the T90 bright sound signature as they are using a bright solid state amplifier or are not using a proper high end source. Try upgrading your headphone system and you will find the T90 headphones to be alright. 
Try pairing the Beyerdynamic T1 or T90 with Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear, it is a very good amplifier as it is very neutral. It prevents the T90 headphones for getting too bright. It is a very fast and quiet amplifier, there is absolutely no noise floor and a pitch black background. Give it a try if anyone here wants to buy a decent headphone amplifier.
Anyone has tried a pair of Beyerdynamic T90 with ALO audio Studio Six?
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