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How does T90 compared against he-560?
I am buying a new DAC for my Lehmann audio BCL so how does the dacmini compared against Grace m903?
T90 with Lehmann audio amplifier is a must try as it compliments the T90 with a 3D tight bass, wonderful highs and a nice and detail mids. 
Why is Lehmann audio BCL not so popular within the head fi community? 
Had anyone tried this headphone with the Lehmann audio BCL USB?
Lehmann audio bcl push the headphone to its fullest potential. It is very neutral.
I tried the T90 with both my Lehmann audio BCL USB and Audio Technica Ha20,the sound difference is only a little. The more expensive BCL have better soundstage, more details, better and tighter bass, a black and quiet background, better highs, better instrumental separation and more 3D like imaging. This is the difference between a $1400 amp and $100+ amp. So is it worth the price?
T90 pair very well with Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear
Have anyone tried the T90 with Schiit Mjolnir?
@MrEleventyCould the HE-500 be drive by Lehmann audio BCL amplifier? Interested in getting the HE-500 soon.
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