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How does the the audeze deckard compare against the lehmann BCL?
The difference between HD800 and T90 is really big. The HD800 is much more detailed than the T90 headphones with bigger soundstage and depth. The instrument separation on the HD800 is in another league. 
The driver you send me in the dropbox folder does not work. But anyway thank you for your effort. :)
Yes, the driver work on my computer but it does not run smoothly.
Will Woo audio launch a new Windows 10 audio driver software for Woo audio wds-1 as my driver does not work well with Windows 10. Thanks
My new woo audio WDS 1 could not be turned on instantly after it is being switched off. Is it normal?
Yeah haha thanks :)
Got a new woo audio wds-1 dac for my headphone setup and it sounds very nice with my T90 headphones. 
Yeah Lehmann audio is a darker sounding amplifier but it is very neutral.
Please try out amplifiers such as the Lehmann audio BCL or the ALO audio studio six, it really sounds very good with the T90 headphones. Just mt 2 cents. 
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