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Will Audirvana ever fix the DSD detection with the HA-1?  Any experience on trying to get it to recognize it properly?   
@Army-Firedawg   Awesome!  Thank you. 
Hi there!  Interested in the PM-1, just bought the PM-3, HA-1 and HA-2. I want to try the PM-1 to finally declare myself an Oppo fanboy. I accept the T&C. Thanks.
Thank you guys. I just pulled the trigger for the Soloist SL! It is a step up from any FiiO I think. 
Hey guys! I've been reading the forum for about two weeks now, trying to decide which amp to get for a HD800. I've read all kind of recommendations for tube amps and SS amps. My budget is $600 (can't go any further), and I already have the Bifrost Uber DAC. At home, I bought two different very basic amps just to compare the sound signature of a SS amp vs a tube amp: the FiiO E09K with the E17 and the Aune T1 with a 6922EH tube. After some listening I feel better stereo...
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