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The W40 is a gem, I really dont like in-ears cause it hurt my ears really quick but this thing is really comfortable. I'm contemplating if I need my Alpha Dog after owning this :/ i really like the Alpha dog though.
why would you max out the volume? you will never listen at that level. I have the MK2 and an alpha dog, they sound fine under listening level.
if anyone looking for an IEM that is similar to Alpha Dog, I recommend the W40 Westone, not as big soundstage but the sound is similar to my ear :)
damn it where were u last week, I just bought a W40
still for sale?
wow what a great deal! these things are awesome!
hey guys got a Bose QC20I for sale, they're great condition and work great! but I like to try to something else. I owned these for about 2-3 months, they work AWESOME on the airplane, its scary awesome.   willing to let it go for 210 or trade for some other ear-buds, let me know. I'm looking for something NON V-Shape, I'm willing to add cash for westone 4R or a shure 535 .
decent job, but if you are on the airplane forget about it, you need an amp.
hey there, I got an original ALO RX  for sale, I just recently purchase the Mk2 and debating whether to hold on to this or the Mk2. In the end i decided to hold on to the Mk2 due to the bass response is slightly better for my Alpha Dog (AD are not bassy headphone, every little help) the unit is in very good condition, I'm 100% sure it can drive Mad Dog (alpha dog are a little bit harder to drive then mad dog) or Sennheiser HD800.
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