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selling HTC 10 with a Spigen clear case, phone is pretty much in mint condition. Dint like it so i'm selling it. I'll ship it internationally but you have to pay for shipping and paypal fees (or send money as gift to save on the fees) Phone is unlock and work on all GSM carrier.   only trade I'm looking at is mrspeakers Ether C and I will include cash on my end.
awesome awesome IEM...I still have mine, and wont replace it anytime soon, Gluck with sale.
man I thought everyone would go that route, so I dont want to buy them kitchen ware. I was going to get them an adameve.com gift card, but they are very catholic, not sure what they gonna say.
Hmmm...whats a good wedding gift? since Google has such crappy searches for this topic, I thought I ask you guys.... both naughty and nice gift are welcome.
man I am so dying to hear the Ether C, anyone got one they want to sale? or if you live in hawaii, would gladly drive to you just for some test listening.
  sorry for late post but try the shure olive tips! the foamy one!
 we did but we also used your rig too.
yup...the Dog were bass lite but I thought it was as clear as the prime :/
O how I wish you would have told me, I would run over and probaly fork over my wallet.
 Nah i dint bring it over. I owned the Omni for 2 weeks, and that was way too long, I had to sent my Prime in for service during those time I try to like the OMNI just couldnt get into the overemphasize bass.
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