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 An ALO rep says that the cable did not add to the substantial cost like everyone thought. might be $100 but not a $500 price tag.
 the material seems cheap because its light weighted. Companies that make their IEM fancy and out of metals are heavy as heck, comfort after a period of listening will be while I understand your frustration but I can see why Westone made their product like this. most companies don't take it into consideration. Most people don't notice it but Comfort is ahead of sound fidelity. No matter how good an IEM or Headphone sound, if the comfort sucks, then they wont like...
a little late to the party but for what it's worth, I owned my W60 for 2-year(?) been through an oversea vacation and a move from Hawaii to mainland USA and it still works very well. I have a silver dragon cable with it, which lift some of the warmth away. I am debating if W80 is a worthy upgrade. I knew this day would come with Westone would release a W80 unfortunately my wallet is not prepare :/
holy crap good price! AWESOME in-ear
for open? try to get beyerdynamic T1 used for closed get a Mr. Speaker mad dog/mad dog pro or if you can find an alpha dog/prime used.
    due to popular request, I will only sell the Alo RX for 300 plus shipping and paypal fees (or paypal gift)
Because they don't make them anymore. People who collect headphone won't sell them but they are truly great headphones.
  looking for a used cable, no $$$ for new cable, thanks.
  I swear combination 34 is how it is with my Chord and Beyer T1 but in this case, its Warmer, little more bass, slightly darker, not for bass head though. if you love Beyer T1 first generation you will love it! instrument seperation and space seems larger and not constricted versus the white felts inside.For some reason I cant seem to like the stock configuration (1 white felts and 1.1 foam) of the Ether C with my Chord Hugo, the vocal (mid) is just too "in your face"...
looking for some aftermarket cable for Mrspeaker headset. 3.5mm or 6.35mm only please
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