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I do have one for sale when I bought my W80. If you want to reconsider then let me know, the cable is stiff, but microphonic is not as bad as people make it out to be, if you use the choke it also helps.
I can vouch for earphone solution, they gave me a crazy deal on my W80
UPDATE: send my cable to plussound, got it back today, connection is really tight and fitting, PLUSSOUND did an amazing job, not sure what kind of material they used but its really fit well with my Westone W80. There is no more cut out (what a suprise...) Moon audio has reached out to me, indeed did refund me. Whether this is a PR stunt or really trying to solve the issue with customer relations (or quality) is up for you to decide.
EPIC cable are really tough looking very nice, I dont have a shure but I do have westone, they are very flexible and good quality
 jds lab C5D 
anyone know a bright portale amp?
  I used comply before and I like Shure olive better and i think its cheaper.
i preffer the Westone due to comfort is my number 1 priority, Westone ergonomic is nnumber 1 for universals IEM. Secondly the Bass is not so overwhelming, I am Bass shy.
    I may be in the lesser crowds here but Westone W60 and W80, try those. typically people dont like shure, they'll look at Westone. I really like my W80, they really close in term of signature with Mr. Speakers Ether C.
  you dont have to go that expensive, the JDS Lab C5D is pretty good fir the price. It's probaly 90% of what the chord can do for the shure 846.
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