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 some people said ZMF is the best closed headphone, you never know till you try it. I like my AP, but I'm trying out the ZMF OMNI whenever it coming. sorry dont know anything about IFI, but if they are using Bur Brown Chip it will have a warm sound sig, I dont know about you but I dont really like warmth sound signature. Theorem does have balance input. 
I have all the gears you mention. The theorem does not have hiss on Headphone, only on IEM and that is easily fix with an impedance adaptor. As far as T1 vs AP, do you like privacy when listening to music? If so get the prime, if privacy and a little bit of outside noise is not a factor then T1. I love both, I switch them every week, but going from T1 to AP you do notice the inherent fault of a closed headphone, the soundstage, took me an hour to adjust to it.
It also depend on your other gears too, the dac, amp and your source. For example, listening to my alpha on the Alo plus Clas combo, is different to then listening with the chord hugo. The chord just make things seem more noticeable, is that good? Maybe, but when you factor in the price, is the chord worth 3x the combo of alo and clas? No, I don't think so. I could have stop at the alo and CLAS-DB combo and be happy but I wanted to try the chord, the extra $$$ may not be...
its not a rule, its a safety recommendation and yes does sound like an *******.
Uhm....he dint break any rules, he's given you an option to either pay paypal gift or sending it the regular way. I do this with all my transaction to save the buyer/seller money. Ultimately its up to them.does sound like a ****** bag though, if I want someone business I wouldnt reply like that.
  May I have your #? hhahaha jk
wow too bad man, these are rare and awesome! bump for you.
not selling separately...I rather keep them both as I use them daily.
  when I had the Mad Dog and step to the Alpha Dog, I certainly hear a difference. I owned the Alpha Dog for a year than sold it, missed it so much that I bought an Alpha Prime. I can certainly distinguish the difference between the two. My advice to you is, own a headphone for more than 1-2 months, listen to it closely, then try a different headphone. You will hear the difference, whether its better or not, thats really subjective. I think the Alpha Prime is better than...
 are you a bass head? if so get the W50 if you like natural bass or dont like bass, the W40 is good, it has bass but not overwhelming. The W50 has LOTs of bass. If you find the W40 need just a little bit more, look into W60. I have all these IEM and I love my W60 :) and W40
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