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Because they don't make them anymore. People who collect headphone won't sell them but they are truly great headphones.
  looking for a used cable, no $$$ for new cable, thanks.
  I swear combination 34 is how it is with my Chord and Beyer T1 but in this case, its Warmer, little more bass, slightly darker, not for bass head though. if you love Beyer T1 first generation you will love it! instrument seperation and space seems larger and not constricted versus the white felts inside.For some reason I cant seem to like the stock configuration (1 white felts and 1.1 foam) of the Ether C with my Chord Hugo, the vocal (mid) is just too "in your face"...
looking for some aftermarket cable for Mrspeaker headset. 3.5mm or 6.35mm only please
sure work it out. The combo really is fantastic, I wouldn't separate them. I had the theorem 720 which was more portable but I ended up selling that and keep these. I was planning on keeping these in case my Chord Hugo have some type of problems and I have to send it in but its been going strong, and I need to get some money back from purchasing the Ether C.Honestly, ALO and Cypher labs make some great stuff.
  I thought that was the case too, I'm still playing with the combination. I do like the protein pad from ZMF, its much more comfortable. the sub bass does seem like it increase in quantity but quality wise I'm not sure. I'm contemplating of just take away the v1.1 foam and use the ZMF pad or take away the white pad and put in the V1.1 pad.
  they sound great for the money, and you're right about out of stock. Mrspeakesr says they were running out of equipment to make those.
 I think you confirm my finding, however I got the protein pad from him a while back. I find that a white felt and a protein pad produce very good result to my ear. 
so I have the protein pad from the ZMF OMNI, was gonna sell it with my Alpha Prime. Anyway initial impression is that its super comfy, for some reason the original pad hurt my jaw after prolong use. I'm listening to "Nigga in paris" Jayz and Kanye. The sub bass is very nice rumble, makes the bass very slowly to dissipate, if that make sense. I think if you think about it, it make sense, the alpha pad are thicker and have a rougher surface. The Protein pad have a softer...
I think I am selling my beloved T1. I love this headphone and its been my go-to headphone before the Ether C, unfortunately, I have to sell some Headphone to recover some money i spent on the Ether. These are awesome! DavidA a member in this community AB with his HD800 and he love the sounding more on the T1.   This T1 was modded by previous owner, the cable mod and dampening mod. To my understanding the Dampening mod is sound similar to the second generation of the T1,...
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