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Have thought about IEM's as an alternative? If so, I'd recommend the Etymotic's.
I'd also recommend the Vali/Modi combination. I run my Q701's through this combo, and it works great for all my needs!
Thanks for this; you saved me having to open up my Q's.
I run my 701's through a Schiit Modi DAC, and a Schiit Vali tube/hybrid amp.  The Modi is connected to my Mac with a StraightWire USB cable ($15-$20) and then connected to my Vali with StraightWire RCA cables ($15-$20).  I use an aftermarket silver coated, copper, braided cable that I picked up from an engineering friend instead of the stock AKG cable.  I couldn't be happier with this set-up and I don't think I'll be making any changes in the near future.
I'd go with the Schiit Bifrost; it has multiple digital inputs, sounds awesome, and is fully upgradeable. Should work for any purpose you can think of.
I love my Vali/Modi combo; and if you're looking for more Schiit, I'd go with the Vali.  I just don't think DSD is gonna be a player in the market, so the Loki seems sort of useless.
I'm currently using the Vali/Modi combo with my AKG's, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome!  I've listened to a friends' Fiio and it also sounded very nice with my AKG's, but I prefer the Vali/Modi combo.
I'd go with the Schiit Bifrost; it has optical, and can also have USB for an additional charge.  It should meet all of your cirtieria.
I don't think it is a question of "better" I think it is a matter of slightly "different."  I prefer the K701's crisper, cleaner sound to the fuller, slightly richer sound of the Q701.  I'll be the first to acknowledge, however, that we are talking about a rather subtle difference. For the me, the K701's just sound a little better through my tube amp than the Q701's; could be the amp, could the the cans, I'm not sure.
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