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Man I got to get me a linear tracking turntable. Those things are awesome. Pair it up with a MC cartridge, an all-tube phono preamp, and a dead quiet LP and the only thing better than that in terms of sound quality would be listening to master tapes =)
When you talk of tonearm level I assume you're talking about tonearm height. In that case, yes, it is sad when so-called "experts" claim to know what they're doing or talking about but actually don't. And then they try to sell you expensive hi-fi gear.... >.>
I like your viewpoint on vinyl. You didn't bash on it yet you did point out its flaws which, even though I am a vinyl guy myself, are true. You sound more like a digital person, which I respect because digital is, with no argument, more convenient in regards to portability, versatility, and ease of use. But I do want to note on what you said about noise when it comes to vinyl, more specifically pops and clicks. True, vinyl is known for having a lower SNR because of things...
I can't think of any specific preamps right now for $50 but try Behringer, ART, NAD Electronics, Cambridge Audio, Music Hall. Some of these may might be more than $50 though. You could also get a vintage (or modern though I'd go for a vintage) Marantz, Yamaha, Onkyo, Pioneer, or Denon receiver/amplifier with an integrated MM or MC phono preamp. Some of the absolute best preamps were built right into those suckers. You could just use the line out and connect to your...
The thing about it though: You won't get true analog sound if you buy LPs from groups who recorded and mastered in digital but published their music in analog (LPs, 45s, Cassettes). To some it may sound artificial or just plain odd but most those people are die-hard analog audiophiles. You still may enjoy it quite a bit. But to get real sound, you have to buy original 60s 70s and early 80s LPs and 45s that were recorded, mastered, and published in analog. Some people may...
Yeah that's the thing about vinyl - some consider it a hassle while others don't mind it or find it pretty fun actually. For those of us who grew up in the analog word you had to deal with it, whether or not you found it enjoyable is a different story.
It's simple to setup a turntable. All you have to do is balance/calibrate tone arm, replace (if needed) cartridge or stylus, set tracking force (critical), find a good preamp at least ~50USD, have a good tube amp, and use good vinyl.   There's tons of Youtube videos on how to balance tonearm and change/upgrade cartridges.   If you start getting into vinyl, you'll appreciate it very much. The airy and warm natural sound with the fun of collecting LPs and 45s. When you...
I'm sorry but I have to disagree. 600s are 300 ohms and are fairly bright already so if you don't have a tube or warm SS amp, you're not getting the most out of them.
If the WA3 is slightly out of your price range, I think Woo Audio has two other OTL tube amps for ~500USD. You could then pair it up with a Schiit DAC and have a damn good system.
I have them and they sound very good in regards to rock.   I listen to Cream, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, etc. and they sound wonderful. They're really nice cans that go well with a lot of different genres. I also listen to classical, pop, jazz etc and they sound good for all of em.
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