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I have the Westone W40, though it is much more expensive than the ones listed here.
I'd say the UE900, though the DN2000 is also really good.
The V-Moda is more bass heavy than the Sony, and comparing side by side, the Sony has slight more forward mids.
The XS would probably suit you best, since they are on-ears, you'll less likely sweat as much as you would with over-ears.
Oh, then try the UE900 too.
Definitely the Momentum.
Hmm, this is actually a lot more difficult than I had thought. I think I would recommend the IM03+X3.
I'd recommend the W40 or the UE900, whichever of those you like better.
Just curious, does it have to absolutely be a triple driver? I'd recommend the UM3X. The SE535 doesn't have the best kind of trebles.
I'm actually pretty surprised and confused with this. The last time I tried an SE846 (loaned from a friend), I've never even thought of this, sounds interesting though.
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