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right on.  i've tried several RDTAs and the Limitless + v1 is my favorite by a good amount.  avocado24 is decent and so is aromamizer supreme, but i still think the L+ takes the cake.  gobs of flavor and clouds.  performs like RDA but has 6+mL of juice capacity. 
i was on a 24-25mm atty kick, but find myself always going back to 22mm.  i just got a goon22 clone and gonna convert it to squonker real soon.        H20, you should try a limitless+ RDTA.  get dripper experience without having to drip.  tons of air flow too.  i also just sold the iJoy Limitless 24.  thing is a beast cloud maker.  i got rid of it becasuse it had way too much air flow.  if air flow is your thing, it might be right up your alley.  on the L24, even with...
TD, i just ordered a Brillipower 26650 battery.  :)  hopefully i get a little better battery life than the 25r and HE4 batts i've been using.  with 2000 more mah, it should
last nights vape.  yah trollD, i'm gonna pick up a couple of 26650s.  right now just running 18650 in the dx75.  not sure if i'm going to go with brillpower or green efests yet.  you are right about the wattage as well.  i'm vaping from 15-50w nowadays and more in the 15-30w range.  so that's why i went with a DNA75 rather than a 133/200  
 it has some preset modes.  mine came with power mode, SS316, and like 4 nickel presets.  i had to tweak the SS cause it comes with 75w preheat in stock setting.  i dont use any nickel.  so in power mode it's useable as is, but pretty much nothing else. 
just got my first DNA device.  Hotcig DX75.  loving it.  got it for $55 shipped.  takes 26650 or 18650.  got it all set up how i like it in escribe.  only had it for 2 days, but really like it.       
  this has a chip in it.  supposedly has short circuit protection.  not TC tho.  most of my devices have TC, but i don't use TC much anymore.  
pocket vape  
i've really been bit by the squonk bug.  just got the silver/aluminum one today.  have had the brass one for a month or so.  since getting the brass, i have only used my regulated mods while driving.  now that i've got the aluminum one (it's way lighter than the brass model), i probalby won't touch my regulated mods.  what's crazy, is before this whole squonking nonsense, i really didn't like using mechs.  now, it's going to be hard for me to go back.   
yah, someone on FastTech figured it out.  that groove is too long and on the original there is a lip where that groove meets, and on the clone, their is no lip, it's milled all the way through.      yah, the grooves on left are clone.  they go all the way through.  the original on the right, they are not milled all the way through.   
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