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all fit in your hand.  impressive!     i picked up this little acrylic makeup organizer on the bay for like $21.  it works great so far for my small collection.  I'm probably going to get another vw/vv mod and a mech soon to add.  
not without juice you aint!!!
nope.  you should check out   all of their juice is $19.99 for 120ml.  i just got some strawberry cream and it's pretty good.  not quite as good as the kangaroo punch i got from rebel ejuice, but close and the rebel juice is $17 for 50ml.  godfathervape also throws in a couple hershey kisses, a 15ml long tip on the go bottle, some stickers and a raffle ticket for their weekly drawing.  probably where i'll get all of my juice now since they're somewhat...
 lol, it does kinda look like terrnace and phillip!  yeh, i had some slight problems with mine this weekend.  i watched a review on the clone and the one i saw said it was adjustable contact.  it's NOT.  i loosened mine a little, just goofing around with it, and put it back on.  not even thinking about it.  later i noticed the ohms fluctuating on my istick 50w.  and a few times my istick stopped working.  wouldnt fire and screen off.  i plugged charger and it came back...
 nah man.  i was referring to troll's Triton V10. 
is that a ford emblem on your box mod?  haha nice
got the Velocity RDA clone this weekend.  really liking it a lot.  build deck is super easy and air flow options are great.  nice juice well.  26ga  .5ohm at 40w.     
sure it can be manipulated, as with anything open to the public.  collectively, you should be able to weed through the garbage and find what you're looking for.  i usually look at reviews with a grain of salt, but get a good idea based on collective opinions.  i also look for specific reviews by specific members that i've grown to trust.  almost everything i purchase, i research fairly extensively and always read reviews.  even on amazon, it's pretty easy to use the...
i wouldn't say the rankings mean NOTHING.  i would say it's a quick reference to tell if a product is decent or not.  sure it may not be the #2 iem of all time.  but it's an indication that it is in fact pretty good, and that a wide range of people thought so.
150w?  is that a new update or something? 
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