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if you're looking for a nice carbon fiber mod.  check out the sigelei 213w.  probably way more power than you'll ever need.  but it is very nice. i'm not sure if the aspire is real carbon fiber or not, but i'm pretty sure the sig213 is legit. 
 yah.  my other main mod i use is the istick Pico.  but battery doesn't last long when vaping at 40-70w.  i'll still use the pico when out and about.  i'll primarly use the sig213 for home use. 
loving this new setup.  i didn't think i'd use the "TFR Preheating" function.  but after messing with it last night, it's awesome.   
 i dunno if a MTL will satisfy your vape style lol.  you might want to try a beasty tank like a boreas or aromamizer supreme.  you can fit some beefy builds in them
  really?  i get tons of flavor/vapor from the clapton wire sample i sent you.  on the bay, i seen some premade fused claptons for $12 for 10pcs.
 it's not the easiest, but it's not the worst.  there's several little tricks, like you can "lock" the deck in place using the smaller allen key provided.  and you'll get to know how to do your leads.  feed them in and then you have to lift the coil up over the air holes.  i've done 4 builds on mine so far and none were overly difficult.  wicking is sorta tricky if you don't know what to look for.  in most vids, they tell you to put the barrel on over the cotton and cut...
i got a little leaking on my first build on the moonshot.  but i put more wick in my next few builds and have zero leaks.  flavor and vapor is top notch on the moonshot.   i dont think the goblin can touch the moonshot in flavor or vapor.  i don't have the v2, but i think the deck is the exact same as V1.    i hear you, to me, a leaky tank is probably my biggest downfall a tank can have.  my Boreas was leaking after topfill too, but i think i have it figured out.  the...
the Boreas and Moonshot made me forget about RDA's.  i'm getting so much vapor and flavor without having to drip.  it's been great.      also loving this istick pico.  perfect little mod for me since i primarily vape 15-55w.  it's so compact and really like the looks and feel of it in my hand.       
nice TD!   i just got the Boreas in.  so far she's dope!!!  got some A1 3mm 26/32 7wrap claptons in there.  .55ohm @100w.  flavor and vapor is awesome.  my favorite piece of gear to date.  thing holds 8ml of juice too. :)  it will be my at home go-to atty.  moonshot will probably be my out n about atty cause it kicks butt in a smaller form factor.   
 yah man, i'm excited about this one.  at Vapenw, they give 20% off preorders.  so it came to $109 shipped and comes wiht 2x LG HG2 batteries. so i'll probably be selling my Decimus 150w and Istick TC100W fairly soon. 
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