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 Yes.  I went from Piston2 to T1e.  The Pistons have a bit more bass.   T1e has plenty of bass but it is tighter and has better mids and highs.  the build and finish is nicer on the T1e as well.  One thing to remember is the T1e does not have an inline remote.  TTPOD did just come out with a version that does have a remote but i'm not sure of the sound.  T1s on penonaudio.  Don't know if it sounds as good as the T1e.  
what are you referring to?  
i just said they aren't the first version.  i was quoting hawkeye0701.   but thank you for confirming this and pointing out other ways to differentiate between the originals and 2.1's.  
 Those don't appear to be the first version.  The first version is silver, but they do not have a port hole on the back of the IEMs.     with that said, i've never seen the silver version with the hole in it.  
i just looked it up and there is a video on youtube.  appears it has an inline mic/controller, solid white cable, no chin slider, and thinner male connector.  i am just going off of visuals as i do not speak that language.  
 nice, i will keep these in mind.  maybe put on the xmas list.  
are you judging the sound based off of one earphone?  and bashing it because it doesn't work for iphone when it was designed for android?  being defective sucks, but it sounds like you could have done more research before buying this product to better suit your needs.  
yeh hisound, i saw your writeup on those.  they do pique my interest.  they may be my next upgrade when i am ready to move on from the T1E.  i have some dual BA creative aurvana 3's, but i really don's use them because they lack bass.  hybrids are the answer! :)
hey Saoshyant, how do you like your HK BT's?  i've been wanting some bluetooth headphones and have seen mixed reviews on the HK BT's.  what is your experience with them?  i've seen them for $99 refurb.     sorry about thread jack
i won't argue with that.  i let my friend on my bowling team listen to them last night.  he uses UrBeats and the T1E's made him raise his eyebrows.  he said "those sound really clear, but still a lot of bass".  that's pretty much them in a nutshell.  even with the bass boost, the mids and highs are still very present.  detail is nice too.  i heard a few sounds i had not noticed previously in several songs.   
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