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lol, i was gonna say.  damn son!
nice, you making that yourself? that's a cool project.  i don't have the tools to even attempt that. 
yah, definitely not the most options for low resistance/power hungry builds.  i vape around 12-30w nowadays and it's perfect. :)
 it's just so convenient.....and now finally much more affordable to the masses.  having an RDA performance with a 10mL reservoir, but without the giant tank on your mod.  what's not to like?  :)
this poor thread is falling off hard.  :(  todays vape    
just got the hcigar VT Inbox DNA75 and Shift atty clone.  really liking it.  1ohm coil at 15w  
i hear the nx100 is very nice.  how you liking it?
i've been stuck on my coppervape squonk and origen little tank  for a while now.  just got these two clones in this week and it's made me pick up my regulated mods for the first time in months.  both of these attys are performing very well.  great flavor.   hobo driftank       In'Sane  
i've had my istick Pico since they first came out like 8 months ago.  also have had a sxk zero mini for over a year, still works fine.  i've actually only had two mods crap out on me in almost 2 yrs.  both isticks.  istick 30w and istick 50w.  so long as you're not dropping them, or letting juice flood the 510 connection, your mods should last you a long while.  there's always a chance of getting a dud.
has the bluetooth list been updated, or is it old? 
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