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got a new drip tip for the Avocado24.  i likes it.   
just got the avocado 24 yesterday.  it's vaping nicely with some regular claptons.       
dont trash the clieto, i'll take it.  :)  i actually want to try one, but i want to get the RBA kit and fat boy glass extension.  let me know.  i'll pay for shipping. 
@520RanchBro, yah 60w on a single 18650 device isn't going to last terribly long.  most high drain 18650 batteries are only 2500-3000mah.  i vape my Moonshot on my istick Pico at about 60w and i get around a day as well.  that's just how it is.  you can look into a dual 18650 mod for more battery life.  for a small compact mod, you should wait a couple of weeks for the Sigelei Fuchai213.  it's basically a sigelei 213 with the TCR/TFR functions fixed and has a aluminum body...
today's vapemail :)
   lol, all i know is it's Billow V2 NANO glass.  guy got it from Fasttech.  he got the 5pack for like $3.  one thing he noted later in the thread is that only 2 of 5 fit.  so their thicknesses sound like the slightly vary :(  as far as the drip tip, he also gets them on fasttech but then uses 3m tape to color them.  he's got them on all of his attys.  i'm not much into dripping nowadays, but this makes me want to get an Aeolus v2 really bad now.   EDIT: BILLOW V2 NANO...
hey P-dox.  i know you've been an aeolus lite fan for a bit now.  i thought you might like this cheap mod you can do to the aeolus by using billow v2 glass section.  i'm referring to the barrel, i don't care for those drip tips.     
 nice!  istick 30w was my first mod.  my screen went out on it though after about 2 weeks :(  i returned it and upgraded to an istick 50w which served me well for about 6 months....then the fire button started acting up.  since then i've had the TC40w, tc100w and Pico and all still work great.  the Pico is my favorite istick to date by far.  it's a great little mod.
suprimo/sigelei collabo FTW  
if you're looking for a nice carbon fiber mod.  check out the sigelei 213w.  probably way more power than you'll ever need.  but it is very nice. i'm not sure if the aspire is real carbon fiber or not, but i'm pretty sure the sig213 is legit. 
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