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gold headphones would be very heavy and uncomfortable for long sessions. 
how long have you had the vape tongue?  i had it bad for a couple of weeks.  now i can taste the flavors, but they don't taste nearly as vibrant as when i first started vaping like 6 months ago.  is it just me, or is that how it is for everyone?    vaping my gob mini on the SMPL today.  not a huge fan of this gwar bloodbath juice.  it's a fruit punch, but there is a funky guava/passionfruit type taste that overpowers the rest.  but im gonna use it.  the gwar beefcake on...
whatever works for you man.  i actually had some cigarettes last weekend on my annual camping trip.  had about 6 total over 4 days.  it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either.   i was doing so good too, was almost 5 months without a single cig.  i think it will be something i reserve for only the camp trip.  
 yah man.  loving my ipv4s so far.  with the batteries in, it is quite the brick.  i just got a billow v2 yesterday.  it's performing really well. 
i just picked up this IPV4s this week.  really liking it thus far.  havent tried any temp control yet.  i need to pick me up some nickel or Ti wire next week.  still LOVING this goblin mini.  it's just worked like a champ and the flavor is still awesome.  i also picked up a Goliath v2 and couldnt get the wicking right on it.  i wicked it like 10 times this weekend and still got flooding, dry hits, burnt hits, leaking....etc.  i just traded it for a billow v2 that i should...
what are you running skalk?  that block mod looks pretty sweet.  it looks like a snowwolf, but more refined and not so much of a fingerprint magnet. 
 that's how i feel about 24ga.  i prefer my 26ga for now.  on my single 18650 mech tubes, i feel like the 24ga takes longer to heat up and doesn't give me a warm vape like the 26 does at .5ohm.
it's just not safe man.  .05ohm at conservative 3.5V is pushing 70amps 250w.  even running in series i don't think it's safe.    here's a good tool to use.    http://www.steam-engine.org/ohm.asp
can you even vape .05ohm coils on an 18650 mech?  .05ohm is nickel/temp control territory.  am i right? 
you ask the lamest questions.  are you trolling or serious? 
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