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cool, thanks tf.  i ordered the 3mL cause i'm a sucker for small tanks and RDA's.  i just like the form factor.  i think i'll probably pick up the 6mL top cap eventually.  but for now, my goblin mini has still been my go-to tank even tho it holds 3mL and has a bottom screw fill port.  it just looks awesome and vapes so well.  if the aromamizer is close to as good, i'll be a happy camper.    unrelated: i just watched a review on the new footoon aqua fx last night.  looks...
yah, leaky rda's are no fun.  for this reason, i think the aeolus v2 is going to be my next rda.  just ordered a 3ml aromamizer RDTA.  i'm excited about that. 
nice.  i just got Ti in last week.  i've only done one 26ga 12wrap dual coil on my velocity.  came in a .4ohm, vaping it 50joules 400 degrees.  dry coil/temp control is working well on my ipv4s.  this weekend i'll probably try a couple Ti builds in my goblin mini and billow v2 tanks. 
you're getting involved in a juice line?  cool man.  i must admit that anise is not one of my favorite flavor tones.  yah, give us an update.  i'll buy a sample!
i ordered a sxk zero mini last week.  hopefully get it in the next week or two.  i think the RDTA in 3mL is gonna be my next purchase.  i just did my first titanium build over the weekend as well.  it works well thus far in my velocity clone on the ipv4s.    sxk mini goes to 60w tc for ni and ti.    seems like a solid mod thank goodness.  this video came out 3 days AFTER i ordered it.    
awesome, thanks paradox.  just ordered 240ml kangaroo punch.  $27.59 is a great deal for that much juice. 
yah, i recently messed with ni200 temp build but i accidentally ordered 26ga which is too thick and hard to build anything that will fit on an rda.  it was a crappy experience using on my ipv4s.   i wont bash it until i get some 28 or 30ga.  but for now, i'm happy with my dual 24ga builds or the 26/32ga UD prebuilt clapton wire builds.    i also received those mech sauces.  i would say they are good thus far, but not fantastic.  i think they need to steep a bit.  i vaped...
yah, for that price, they should offer a glass tank section piece and the build finish seems suspect based on rip trippers video.  i'll probably wait until there is a decent clone made up.    the chamber is interesting.  half blocked like marquis and can be removed for dual coil, but only if you have a regular Haze or Haze mini RDA and use that barrel for dual air flow.  thats kinda lame.  for $119, they should definitely include an additional barrel with dual air flow...
looks like VHO is trying their hand at a genesis style tank that they are calling a "dripper tank".  looks right up my alley.  i really like my haze mini clone.  rip trippers posted a video review of it yesterday as well.     
i got a cheapo velocity mini the other day.  it's about 1/2" or so shorter than the regular version.  i'm liking it.  still has the same easy build deck and air flow options galore.  it is cheaply made tho.  the metal is noticeably thinner than my regular velocity clone and the o-rings on the mini suck.  still works very well tho.  about as good as any other atty i've tried.     
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