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that is just awfully beautiful!
i own ath-m50 but not m50x (i've read that it is basically the same headphone , just a little upgrade like detachable cable). m50 has the bass but not exaggerated (far from beats' bass). the mid is kinda recess but it is still present . one thing you might note that it sometimes gives a piercing high if you listen to badly recorded song or the high in the song is already quite harsh. overall the m50 serve the purpose to me but if you have the budget to buy better headphone...
It did turned out well, very well . You rock !,Rock (pun intended). :
it depends on your music preferences. i've own shure se215 special edition for a month now and it has been worth it for me at least. it has warm and bassy sound (not as bassy as Be*ts) it won't tire your ears. i can sleep with it since it is has low profiled design. i've read reviews about re-400. it is into neutral sounding in ear headphone. so, it will not excite you or anything. if you use it for monitoring, then re 400 is the right choice. however if you just want to...
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