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It would probably be fine out of a fiio e11
Whether or not it has enough bass depends on your taste.Balanced and accurate are used almost synonymously around here. haven't tried them so i can't guarentee much.There are lots of complaints about the dt990's brightness. If you're sensitive to harsh treble the fidelios would probably be a safer choice.
Well the measurements show that:The hd598 is pretty hard to drive (theres a huge impedence spike centered in the bass)The he300 has more bass relative to midrange
Forgot to add the soundmagic hp200
The m100 is definitely more of a basshead can
The dt990 is pretty popular for gaming. I think it would be a good choice.
Theres also the phillips fidelio x1 (needs cable swap) and hifiman he300.
What don't you like about the sound of the CLs? Here are some other cans in this price rangeBasshead:sony x10m audio q40 with dt770 velour padsYamaha pro 400/500 Fun sounding:onkyo es fc300beats solo 2Donscorpio dolphin from penon audio neutral:nvx xpt100/brainwavz hm5yamaha mt220 If you're ok with open cans Hifiman he300yamaha hph 200
I doubt they'll be too bassy for anybody unless they are a neutrality freak.  Theres also the dunu dn1000  (2 balanced armature + 1 dynamic)
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