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Noaudiophile has reviews, measurements, and dsp corrections for a few popular options in this price range. If you're also looking at powered monitors: do not have a...
What headphones have you tried and liked? looks very balanced. There is a slight bass boost.
Haven't heard them myself but the pro 1s are always recommended over the pro 2s. The momentum in ear has been added to the v-shaped category of ljokerl's iem guide,d.aWwNo noise cancelling but it has a good amount of isolation. Definitely the shure se215 for isolation
"Monitors" tend to be flatter in frequency response but thats not always true. Sometimes its just a buzzword.
The main point on the PDF was just the isolation graph. The lower the number, the higher the noise blockage. The shure se215's isolation graph destroys the original beats studio's. If isolation is priority, (and you're considering iems) it seems like a good choice.There's a mini-review of the original beats studio on the last section of the first artical.
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