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Theres the donscorpio dolphin from penon audio and the  onkyo esfc300
The ath m50 isn't exactly bass heavy. The shure may need an amp and it has build quality issues according to reviews There also the : M audio q40 Donscorpio Dolphin from penon audio
Frequency response usually isnt that big of a deal (human hearing usually goes from 20 hz to 20khz)
If you can stretch your budget theres the xiaomi piston 2
Theres also the m audio q40 (this one is supposed to have a lot more bass than the dolphin) and donscorpio dolphin
It makes a bit of difference with soundstage and a big difference with bass extension. Comfort improves a ton
Somic mh463
Heres a review of the hp200
You're welcome Enjoy your new cans Be sure to leave your impressions here:
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