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I have no need of money, but my family does. If I kill myself my wife will have two children to support. I think your comment is in poor taste.
Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Thank you for caring and commenting. I am taking a break for a while to heal from my DIY and tube addiction. Does anyone want to buy my Crack? It has: 1. Speedball 2. 240V transformer 3. Obbligato Gold output capacitors (94 uF per channel) 4. Switch (3 way) to allow the use of 12AU7, 12BH7 & E80CC tubes whilst maintaining the stock operating point of the power tube. 5. Tung Sol 7236 & RCA clear top tubes About $700...
Goodbye everyone.
I'm trying to recoup some of the debt I acrued buying these tubes:   Tested but otherwise unused.
Premium tubes for the Crack going cheap:      
I have a suitable capacitor and choke. Send me a PM if you are interested.
I owned a pair of W3000ANV about two years and highly regret selling them. If you have a pair in pristine condition I would gladly pay $1,500. Alternatively, I would trade for a pair of T1s and a Bottlehead Crack, both in impeccable condition. The Crack is one month old and the T1s approx four months old with original packaging. If you have a pair, but not in top condition I might still be interested, but would not offer as much. Cheers! Nathan
Thanks AVL06. Do you sacrifice detail for naturalness with the Octave? I'm after both. Cheers Nathan
I'm moving from a tube amp to SS. What do you think of this as a set up? Mac Mini > Metrum Octave MKII > Violectric V200 > T1 | LCD 2.2
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