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I own the Sennheiser HD 201 headphones, and really like the way they sound. I've had them for over a year now and love how balanced they are throughout the spectrum. I'm looking to buy some in-ears now to listen to music while not in my room. I would like earphones with a balanced sound similar to the HD 201's. They also need to have good isolation so that the bass and lower mids aren't drowned out as much by ambient noise. And, being a poor college kid, I can't afford to...
Darn. Mine were more expensive when I bought them. Thanks for helping though!
Im not exactly sure where to put this post, but this seemed like the best place so here goes. I have a pair of HD201's which, unfortunately, got sat upon by a sibling. It snapped a small piece of plastic connecting one headphone to the extendable section of the headband. I searched and couldn't find anything about it, and was wondering if there would be anywhere I could get a replacement part/headband. Everything still works fine, its just the fact that its quite slightly...
I have the normal HD201 in my hand right now, they also have three metal sections on the jack / two plastic separators.
I'm new to head-fi, joined recently and someone recommended me to this guide, it has really helped me. also check out the two or three other things on the same site.
I was just about to suggest MOG (they stream in 320),   But I just read that they had been bought out by Beats and aren't going to be around much longer.
The linked IEM guide seems to be a good place to start looking, thanks for the resource. I like the M6, it'll probably be one of my considerations. Thanks again
Does anyone have anything? Is my price range too small or has anyone heard the KSC75? Sorry if I made a mistake or something somewhere, I'm new to this. I could bump up my price range some if that's it, but not by much, I'm a high school kid and do not currently have a job. I would really like some opinions before I just choose something and buy it, please help if you can.
Additional Info: I will be playing music from a 2013 mac air most of the time. I also bought a Fiio E06 and a pair of Sennheiser HD201's when I got the ksc75's. The Sennheisers got sat on by a sibling unfortunately, but I liked the Koss' better anyways. I don't think the source would matter very much for this and I wouldn't think I would need an amp, but its good to know nevertheless.
I recently bought the Ksc75's as my first step into the headphone world, and I liked their sound. They seem generally balanced (to me at least,) throughout their range, except for some minor stuff with the upper treble. However, I need something portable with more isolation, such as I could use in a classroom without bothering others and keep in backpack pouch without worrying too much. I would like an IEM for around $30 with a generally similar EQ of the Ksc75, decent...
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