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Time to sell this and move on :) Standard build in a Hifi2000 case with custom Front Panel Express panels. Amveco PCB mounted toroid transformer and power switch with fuseholder. Missing from the photos are the wire to and from the ground loop breaker and also the LED. They will of course be mounted before shipping :)   Price includes shipping within the EU. Open to offers.
Since I never have time to build this I'm looking to sell the following: Buffalo IIISE DAC kit IVY III kit Placid HD Power Supply kit Placid HD BP Power Supply kit Everything untouched still in the box it came in from Twisted Pear
True, other options are available, but this is what the owner wanted. Keeping it simple was also a concern.
If I tapped i2s I wouldnt be able to use the SPDIF mux. I also wanted to be able to remove the m2tech and use it for other applications.
I've noticed in some situations that a ground loop breaker can mess things up with the signal lock.
Do not use the switch in your link because its a momentary switch. You will cut the power as soon as you let go.
This is a Buffalo II build I did for a friend:        
  I've built one B22/S22 combo with four transformers in it and I didn't hear any hum.
  I can make them if you want. The drawings from Hifi2000 are a bit sketchy, but i could give it a go.
New additions 2012-05-09: Pesante Dissipante 4U front: Pesante Dissipante 4U back: Pesante Dissipante 5U front: Pesante Dissipante 5U back: Keep in mind that I've never seen a Pesante Dissipante case so I just...
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