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I'm curious about the built in headphone amp.
What are your thoughts on this guys.
There was only nine reported cases but I'm still pretty much paranoid D:
Bed Rig.
Bed Rig
My jh16's are for sale as we'll if anyone is interested.
I have for sale some Jh16 pro's Freqphase edition. They're custom molded the condition is near mint. I have the original case and some extra cables.]   Payment: Through Paypal  ONLY. My asking price is 850 but it's negotiable. I'm willing to do the owner transfer and the hybrid full silver and copper cable has been sent for repairs to Ted Allen and is not included with the sale.
I have a pair of reshelled w3's and it's been one of the best decisions of my life. All that struggling with tips gone and the sounds is phenomenal.
This is weird I sent my jh16's a week ago for a refit and they came with a new and thicker cable. I'm going to try it for a week before throwing on my silver and copper hybrid.
This was very good I enjoyed reading It, talk about a lifehack!
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