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So what I'm looking for would be something similar to the NarMoo S1,but with more treble detail. I need these to be fantastic for rock and metal music. Not get overwhelmed easily by "crowded" music. I'm thinking a hybrid IEM would be best. I tried the DN1000 and am still considering keeping them, but they don't sound like enough of an improvement over the NarMoos to warrant the $170 upcharge. Similar sound but cheaper would be great. I've also tried the HAFXT90. I...
NarMoo S1 Dunu DN1000
You said they don't perform well for rock. In that case, what would you recommend? I LOVE how my portapros sound for rock but I need something that doesn't leak.
So I took your advice and got the nPulse. Without EQ, the Pro700 MKII hits harder and sounds about equally as good. Darker. With EQ it's no contest - the Pro700 MKII tickles my ears. It's insane. The nPulse just sounds okay. With that in mind, any other recommendations? I have the HA SZ2k on order but they probably won't arrive for a while. I think what's great about the Pro700s is that they're so dark, I can turn the volume up a lot more without the highs getting...
So... If I want monstrous bass without having to use an EQ because using them just annoys me, what's my best option? I use an android as a DAP and amp with an e12, bass boost always on (the hardware based boost seems to do it a lot better than anything software based I've tried)... Alternatively, is there a *good* universal EQ for android that I could use? Poweramp isn't an option because I listen to music through Spotify Premium and don't actually own the music. I need...
As in, not like this.
I assumed it was fake because the packaging looked weird.
I'm surprised the Panasonic RPHJE120k isn't on here. They're insanely popular.
Yes, I auditioned without a "proper" amp because everyone always made it seem like the amp wasn't as much of a necessity as it apparently is.I liked how the X1 sounded, but it just didn't feel how I wanted it to. Which brings me to my next point...This is what I was afraid of hearing. But thank you anyways.So I guess it seems like speakers would satisfy me more. I'm a complete newbie to the world of speakers though. Amy recommendations?
Hello, good people of Head-Fi. I've got a few problems. This might be impossible to replicate, but I had an experience where I was at a small concert, and in between bands they played radio rock music from some speakers that were installed at the venue. And oh my god did it sound amazing. You could tell each individual hit from the kick drum. It was sharp, not like the wall of muddy bass I too often hear. There was so much bass but it felt almost totally separate from the...
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