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268.50 lbs 336.4 lbs 522 lbs
There's a GR07 thread around here. The Classic Edition is definitely cheaper than when the GR07 first came out. Don't know about the sound but you can check the thread out.
Grado SR80i, after, breaking in and the clamp force and the ear pad scratchiness went away.
I have the RE4000, HF2, and GR07BE. The HF2 and 07 BE are more analytical sounding to me. The HF2 can handle some abuse but the ear plugs take some time to get used to because of the deep insertion. The HF2 and 07BE are also lighter in bass impact than the 400. I've read some posters complain about build problems with the GR07 and the RE400, but mine have held up fine.
1. DN1000 2. RE400 3. Philips S2 4. GR07 BE 5. Etymotic HF2 6. VSD1, Xiaomi Pistons 2.1, Philips SHE3590 Workout, Running 1. Isport Livestrong 2. Meelec M6 3. Polk Ultrafit 3000A
I love my Grados. At first the headband and the earpads were uncomfortable. The earpads were kind of scratchy. But after a month of use, they've softened up and no longer bother me. If you like a bass heavy sound, look for something other than the Grados.
Really glad you like the PSBs. I'll have to audition them sometime. I'm trying the over ears. The on ears wasn't quite as good as the over ears. So far I'm liking them. Pretty comfortable. My ears fit inside the cups. I can see why sennheiser is described as having a laid back sound. On the guitar riffs of Hotel California , the grado sr80 is more immersive. I could be in the band. With the senns, I'm in the audience. But the momentums have a really smooth sound,...
Thanks. I'm currently trying out some Momentums. I hadn't thought of the PSBs, thanks for the recommendation.
I had tried the ckx9is for awhile but returned it because the mids/highs were too recessed compared to the bass for me (and much more bassy than the Vsonic gr07be). The bass on the ckx9is is strong, detailed, and extends into the sub bass. It's really the strength of the ckx9is. The build on this is superb. It's an ear bud/ ear phone hybrid so it's quite comfortable but the isolation is below average. The stems running from the housing to the strain reliefs stick out...
Thanks for your impressions. I was deciding between the HD 600 and the DT880. Looks like I'll have to check out the Senns. What kind of amp are you using?
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