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Quote: Originally Posted by midoo1990 Do you really want to accuse someone of being a fanboy because he stated his opinion different than the others?we all hear different things you know..when I stated my opinion honestly and nuetrally about the k701 in the lions forum where everyone try to bash and eat the other,I was accused of being a k701 hater although reputable members share the same findings as I did.Needless to say,I am not going to review anything...
Makes sense. You can sell customs, though you take a price hit. I would wager that with a good fit (accurate impressions and molds), you won't be revisiting universals much, except, as I would do, keep a nice pair as a "roughing it" IEM. Nice to have that problem, I admit. Looking forward to how you hear the 18 Pro vs. the CK100, your current favorite.
But the 16s AND the 18s? That's interesting. Guess I would just want one, but then again, either is out of the question for me. Not saying one pair of customs and one pair of unis would not be perfect, after all, I have bought and sold 3 dozen IEMs in the past 4 years. What do I know?
Some say the UE tips work best with the Pannys, and I have an extra pair of mediums and smalls, but no larges. You can have them. Sorry to go OT. Said my piece on these phones, all three are good, but of course you can have a preference order, right? At $109, the Pannys are a very good value, that's for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by googleli Now so many people are talking about CK10, I am wondering whether I should go get a pair, even though I already have CK100 and just bought e-Q7 last week, and still waiting for my UE18 Pro to arrive and planning to order JH16 Pro next month... Lottery win? Why would you care about some $200-$300 universals with $2000+ of customs coming? Just curious.
Can't disagree there. Maybe I was so intent on calming the slight sibilance I heard, I was willing to overcompensate with the foamies. I do know the foamies muffle the MTPs way too much. But it didn't seem as bad on the Pannys. I will relisten with a less absorbing sleeve once I let them burn in for 24-48 more hours. Daouda, hold off on that until you have tried an assortment of tips. When I send the Pannys, I'll pack a few extra tips in for you to try, some silicones. No...
Actually, I was late to the party, Shigzeo, Joker, mp3, Vorlon1 and others were there ahead of me.
The run on sales sort of scares me, but I am sure they will appear again sometime at the sites like newegg, ecost, etc. I guess it's partially our fault for liking them so much. huh?
Though some phones do have those annoying volume pots in the middle of the cable, 716s come to mind, and a few others.
Quote: Originally Posted by vorlon1 No, I already have one, so I haven't tried to buy another. The link to the sale is , if you look closely, from early January, and is in fact the person I bought mine from back then. So no backups? I considered it, but decided they look pretty durable.
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