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Even though the small super tips work, I ordered some PFE tips as well. What the heck. Yes, some folks claim the PFE tips are great.
Just ordered some Phonak tips out of curiosity.
Quote: Originally Posted by germanturkey if you get a backup pair, you're just being an a-hole by taking away a pair from those of us who don't have one Ridiculous statement.
Seems this thread/topic has sort of lost its way anyway. How much more can be said about the IEMs in the title re a comparison?
Also, just for an FYI, I just revisted the small supertips (the ones with gel in them) and they are pretty nice and also really do seal off sound. I think I like their sound more than the bi-flanges. But need to do more listening. I am really happy with the MTP Gold.
Quote: Originally Posted by average_joe OK, so my first set had an issue and I have a replacement. Out of the box (again) these are great! The highs need to come out, though, but in my other pair, they started to. With this new set the supertips work! Very enjoyable so far and worth their price, but I am looking forward to hearing how they mature. Your note that the Supertips worked "this time" had me get mine out again, and you know what, the...
Frank sent me some tips at no charge, for my MTPGs. Thanks Frank!
I am using a pair of bi-flanges silicones I got with my Cyclone PR1 Pros, and the iso is excellent, as is the sound. I agree that the foamies, while the best iso, muffle the MTPs a little too much for my taste.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pianist Ok, so I temporarily traded my e-Q7 for IE8 a few days ago. I liked the IE8 quite a bit the last time I owned them, which was about a year ago. Well, coming from the e-Q7 as well as my RE0, I must say that I don't enjoy IE8 anymore. In fact, with a lot of music, I can't stand their sound. They have way, way too much bass that overpowers the lower mids and is nowhere near as accurate as the bass on the e-Q7. The bass...
Quote: Originally Posted by rawrster I believe most people hat have said the CK10 was better than the TF10 in those aspects that were mentioned owned them both havent they? Yes, that's the case.
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