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Gapless not an issue for me, but I don't really get a hiss problem with the Sony X and my two main IEMs, the CK10s and the Monster Turbine Pro Gold. I do use the Sony as my road machine, and the Amp3 as my home DAP (though the amp3 only has 4GB onboard and does have some hiss, but I use on-ear phones at home a lot, and the two I have don't hiss with the Amp3.
Quote: Originally Posted by Orange1 I cannot stay I came to say I must be going I'm glad I came But just the same I must be going. YouTube - Groucho Marx - 'Hello, I Must Be Going' I have my Fuze, my HJE's I must be going. I cannot linger, go in debt, and obsess. You all know, you've left behind the chance of ever leaving. But I tell you now, that this is true, I must be going. So long! I enjoyed the party truly! Going in debt and...
Fall apart? Never had it happen to any of my complys. I don't use them hard, but they get dirty, and you can clean them with hydrogen peroxide. I have not had Complys fall apart.
Quote: Originally Posted by semisight tstarn the CK10s have more bass than the X10? Not more bass, but the CK10s, if you get a good fit and the right insertion (tips are critical) has excellent bass quality, enough for me, that's for sure. And I'm not alone, though I know it's a topic open to debate. Listening to Bonnie Raitt right now, Road's My Middle Name, and the bass is right on the money (no EQ, Sony X, 192k). After some serious listening, I...
Stop paying high vodka prices, it's mainly a marketing ripoff... http://www.nytimes.com/2005/01/26/dining/26wine.html
In my view, no. If available, I would spend $30 more and get the AT CK10s, which in my own personal view, crush the X10s across the board (I did own them once upon a time). Main problme is finding the CK10s right now for $200 (though they may start to appear at places like newegg and ecost again at that price, not sure).
Re the CK10 at $200 or so...short answer: as noted on the CK10 thread (where you posted the same questions), there is a recent 2-3 page discussion of the CK10s availability for $200, so visit the CK10 thread to read up on it. As for the TF10 vs. CK10 choice, handling complex musical passages is not a CK10 strength? I guess I have to disagree. Of course, I also sold off my TF10 soon after receiving the CK10s, so I do see them as a worthy replacement ... in spades. For me,...
Quote: Originally Posted by attika89 Hi guys! Now the case is that I'm almost ready to buy the CK10, but I'm not 100% sure...(never will) Do you know any place that still has them for ~$200? And one more question: Should I get Sony hybrids or some dual/triple flange tips for them? (also posted this in my original thread) Re the CK10 availability at the $200 price point, it would be a good idea to read over the past few pages, would have...
Quote: Originally Posted by javajive yikes.... I`ll leave it at that. Yes, good idea. Calling someone an a-hole? Sarcasm?
My point, exactly. I am also considering a second pair, if they reappear at the $200 price point in any quantity. I might sell some stuff to get them, but I probably will.
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