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Well, my ears tell me I'm with javajive on this one, no surprise. Based on the OPs needs, I believe the CK10s could work for him. If the OP needs a little more bass (without using EQ), but wants detail and mids, then I agree with StereoIntegrity that the MTPGs also might also be a good option. Guess that's why I own them both. I have had several top tier phones, and some lesser IEM as well price-wise, and I guess my definition of fun is different then some others here. I...
Same view as my friend holds on the way the highs sound on each. Same way I feel about the Pannys and the CK10s, probably. Switching to the CK10s is a relief, again just my opinion.
@rawrster ... It's in the initial post, HJE900s and Fuze. Good chance she may be back, even if only as an observer.
I agree that treble has to be refined and smooth, and only then am I a treble lover. To my ears, there is nothing harsh or fatiguing about the CK10 treble; others may hear otherwise. I have a pair of HJE900s here, 50 hours on them, and, sorry tosay, their treble is harsh/fatiguing to me. When I A/B them with the CK10s (same track), it's like another world. Again, this is what I hear with good seal/proper tips. I do know someone, a HFer, who has both the FX500 and the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cosmic Fool I don't have any hiss problems with the X and UM3X too. @ TS: glad you found the sound you want! Hey, thanks. I've found some great IEMs in my view, and a few nice DAPs too. Though I do have an S:flo2 and HSA Rocoo on the way. Doh!
Save a bad girl? Save me one!
Quote: Originally Posted by nonsupremous If I'm not mistaken, wasn't the whole pricing thing around xmas time a mistake that was corrected after 3 or 4 days? I don't think Sony ever intentionally intended to sell the 32GB at 299. Although my personal opinion is 299 is the correct price for the 32GB. Perhaps even now at 249. The sold it for $299 with 10 percent off, so $269, which is how I got mine. They did charge sales tax though here in PA...
Great, any questions, PM me, since I have tried most all of the possible tip combos until the great advice from mp3 on the Shure tri-flanges.
Quote: Originally Posted by Guidostrunk Crazy how the TF10 is a forgotten phone now. I have made the purchase of the CK10's to compare, should have them this upcoming week. tstarn's opinion gave me the green light to give em a try. I still love my TF10's though. I just cant explain the soundstage on those things, it's crazy 3D like. Oops, pressure is on. I hope you like them. Did you get them for $200? If so and you don't like them, PM me. No...
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