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I am gonna listen to the CK10s, MTPs and my Grados tonight with the uDac and my netbook. I have Daouda's here, shipping it tomorrow. Not much burn in (do DACs need to burn in?), but it sounds very good. I need a good amp too, to try it out. The Amp3 hisses too much with the uDac. But I can tell you from some brief listening, I really like it. I am wondering if I will use it much, the only issue. I do very little listening out of my PC or netbook. But if it can make my...
Well, I have the gold and had the Westone 2s. I prefer the MTPGs for a variety of reasons, but most of all, the instrument separation and mids/highs clarity, with just the right amount of bass. But can't speak of the copper.
No reason not to try. And the Ety tips may also be a good alternative. The Shures are long, and I know what you mean about them, but with the CK10s, they seem more comfy for some reason.
Bought this on Woot! and don't need it. Used 2 hours max. Comes with original buds (still in wrapper) and proprietary USB cable. Will also toss in 2GB MicroSD card. Asking $32 shipped Conus. International buyers, add $5 shipping (first class international).
Have two Amp3s, and bought this one to hear the differences with the Pro1. They sound similar enough that I am keeping the Pro 1, which is used more and burned in. The Amp3 Pro2 has the updated firmware. Please read the Amp3 threads before buying, because these machines are what they are. Great audio, and both an amp and a DAP. Comes with power adapter/USB cable, but not the original ear buds. Asking $80 shipped CONUS. For international buyers, add $7 shipping.
This is a new in box backup pair, but I decided to sell it because I have the MTP Golds as a backup to my CK10s, so no need for two sets of PR1 Pros. $50 plus $5 shipping and handling. CONUS only. For international buyers, I will ship, but will not be responsible for delivery/damage, and shipping price will be higher (first class international only). I almost hate to sell these, but really not sure when I will ever use them.
If those are the cheap ebay IEMs that others mention often, they are not the same as the Shures or the Monster tri-flanges. They are thicker and somewhat softer (less rigid). They may not work, but worth a try at that price. I ordered 2 pair myself, but not for the CK10s, but for the PR1 Pros.
Agree they are a great value (I have M9s, M2s and M6s on hand). I had a hard time fitting the M6s, and prefer the M9s of the three. But have not tried them with an amp, I will try them out of my netbook with the uDac I have on hand.
Quote: Originally Posted by rawrster ^ ?? tstarn06 wasn't even the one who made that comment that was supposed to be sarcasm.. I believe he knew that and was commenting on my comment that calling someone an a-hole is very hard to pawn off as sarcasm in a post/email/IM, etc.
You know, I have the Monster tips here, and forgot to try them, just for kicks. THanks.
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