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Quote: Originally Posted by Pianist Well, I think that one has to actually try an IEM to know for sure whether it will fit his ears or not, so warning people about potential fit issues only stirs them away from buying and trying and that's not a good thing. Sure, those who will have fit problems might complain that those who suggested the IEMs to them did not warn them, but then those who end up getting a good fit and great sound will be thankful that...
Price cut ... $75 shipped CONUS.
Still available ... an excellent pair of low-cost IEMs.
Excellent suggestion. There are so many caveats with all these phones (mods, tip choices, etc.) it is getting very hard to keep track, esp for anyone new entering the scene. I think this thread really points the tip/fit/preference issues out more than any I've seen on HF.
I can echo Joker and Jant7 on their appraisal of the RE252s and the CK10s. I didn't care for the RE252s more because of the design than the SQ. I could never get used to the gummy bear design, and that sort of colored my view of them. If they had been more like the RE0 design-wise, I might have given them more time. But when the CK10s arrived, the RE252s soon departed. Also, last night I heard the CK10s for the first time with a new toy I have here (sending to France for a...
I tried out the Monster tri-flanges last night, and to me, they are not a go. They caused some treble sibilance, and when I switched back to the Shures, I was back to being happy. Goes to show you how tips vary so much. Tempted to try those AT foamies if they have some lasting power, but $9 a pair is expensive. Don't want to leave any stone unturned, though I am quite happy with the Shures. As for the Ety tri-flanges muting the highs, that's a shame. I don't believe the...
Well, after 30 mins of listening to the uDac through my netbook, this is my next purchase. I dare say I think it sounds better than the Sony X or my other DAPs, for example. I haven't even tried it with a decent amp yet either, just HP out via the USB cable. I am impressed. Back to M9.
Great, I have some extra hybrids in da house. Will give them a try. Wow, reshelling the CK10s. I am very interested in the results. Please post in the CK10 thread or start a new one.
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