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More misinformation from an expected source. When did you own the CK10? Just curious.
Quote: Originally Posted by lc483 Thanks for the link, not sure how I missed that! Do you know how the small/large Ety bi flanges compare in size to the small/large Klipsch bi flanges? Can't help you there. I think I had the smaller ones, but again, I can't help you on that front. I wish I could, of course. Maybe you can make a guesstimate, and if they are the wrong size, ask Ety to exchange them. Call and see what you can do, because the...
Just finished auditioning the uDac (bought it for a friend in France) and like many others here, I am impressed. My first listen with a DAC, and all of a sudden, my netbook became a top level player. I had no idea. It's good to learn new things. I will be ordering one when they show up on Amazon again.
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Try acoustic EQ.
Quote: Originally Posted by lc483 Does anyone else notice pretty drastic differences between the single Klipsch ovals and the bi flanges? The regular oval fits great in my ear, extremely comfortable, but just sounds so bloated to me... The small bi flange sounds very clear without overpowering bass, but is a bit small for me.. I just received the larger bi flanges, and I suppose they are sort of in between as expected, but I don't find them to be that...
Though I gave my S4s to a good friend, I did like them. Keep burning them in past 100 hours. I didn't use EQ with them. I am one of those fools who believe the S4s are a very good IEM for the price, but require a lot of "break in" or whatever you want to call it.
$200 budget. It's in the title.
Quote: Originally Posted by playingwithfire definitely interested in the pic. My MTP is going on eaby, maybe I can make $20 out of this so when I do lose money when I sell my W3, it'll hurt slightly less! My problem with the MTP was fit, they are the trickiest IEM for me to fit yet(that includes the TF10). The housings are just so heavy that with some slight movement the seal is lost, the fact that I hate comply foams' ickyness and my refusal to use it...
That is funny. What's next? The Captain Beefheart Edition MTP? Then the Spike Jones Edition?
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