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Looks out of print :(
Thanks, looking for a place to compare models.
Anyone tried the AKG K340 with a Schiit Lyr 2?
Maybe this would be better in a Schiit forum, I'll move it there
Curious, and also curious if some tubes are more 'microphonic' than others... I was thinking of getting a Lyr 2 with stock tubes for my AKG K712's and AKG K340's Thanks
Great comments, thank you very much!
Any comparisons of Lyr2 to the original yet?
Great points, but it is amazing that they sound as good as they do for the price.  KSC75 are really pretty cheap online.  And they are definitely cool.  They're light also. 
I have to say the clear winner so far is KSC75, hands down.  And they sound surprisingly good also, even though that wasn't the primary focus here.  When you consider the price and the warranty, they're really hard to be in terms of value.
So far, PortaPro are the coolest
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