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I have a library of mixed sample rate and bit depth recordings (44/16,88/24,96/24).  I usually use JRiver 22 or Roon to play the files.  Is there anyway to setup the Dragonfly Red so that it automatically switches to the right sample rate and bit depth?  I hate having to set it for the highest and depend on Windows 10 to upconvert or downconvert to make it work.   Also, if you have to manually adjust sample rate and bit depth knowing what they're supposed to be, how...
Massdrop Fostex -- hard to beat for EDM
It was my first Head-Fi meet, great meeting everyone.   Terrific group of people, and some exceptional phones and amps -- and amazingly, even mini-disc as an audio source!
Thanks!  Looking forward to it.
Do you need to reserve in advance to go?  Count me in!
Great video, really adds to the understanding and appreciation of the amp!  Thank you for posting! 
What do you think of the 6CG7 with the Vali 2?  I have a matched Electroharmonix one
Thanks for the review!  I just put myself on the waiting list for the next Massdrop.  Hope it's not too long for it to come back..
I've got the matched one from Electro-harmonix, and haven't taken it out of my Vali 2 since.
There's some sibilence with the 400i that I was hoping to tame with the tubes that hasn't happened with the two tubes I've tried.  (I listen to a lot of choral music, and extra sibilance in a big reverberant room can sound like a chipmunk convention).  That's not so much a problem with the X2 in general.  Bass is really good with the Vali 2, aa are overall dynamics with both phones, but I was looking for something to smooth out that trouble range in the 400i...
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