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Andreas Staier - Bach Harpsichord Concertos on DHM   Superb and fun performance, incredibly clear recording
I'm interested in checking out some new phones, interested particularly in HiFiMan and Audeze, or other planar types.     Thanks!
I would say that Q701 is clearer in the midrange and upper treble to a degree, but it's also a lot harsher than X2.  I think it's more fatiguing, and less smooth. There's a more natural and better integrated bass with X2.  Q701 is also more power-hungry.
Or try some crossfeed software....  there is some built into JRiver, etc if you really want that "out of body" headphone experience :)
Nothing compares to Beyer DT-150 in the looks category
I gotta vote for Beyer DT-150
I've been using my AKG K340's since 1980 - with the original cable.
I'd be really interested to know how Q701 performs with Vali...
K712 all the way.  Even if only for comfort - those bumps and clamping make q701 almost intolerable for me.  Soundwise, the K712 is better balanced and has better bass, and the soundstage is extremely accurate, less exaggerated than Q701, and more satisfying I think.
Ultrasone Pro 650
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