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Great comments, thank you very much!
Any comparisons of Lyr2 to the original yet?
Great points, but it is amazing that they sound as good as they do for the price.  KSC75 are really pretty cheap online.  And they are definitely cool.  They're light also. 
I have to say the clear winner so far is KSC75, hands down.  And they sound surprisingly good also, even though that wasn't the primary focus here.  When you consider the price and the warranty, they're really hard to be in terms of value.
So far, PortaPro are the coolest
PortaPro sound good, not so sure how the top part of the band is going to feel over time.  But they are fairly cool so far. 
Haven't tried PortaPro yet... so far Fidelio X1 is still in the lead but I'll see if I can find the Porta pro this weekend
I can't really deal with in-ear either, they hurt.   I think the most comfortable for bed but by far NOT the best sounding were Ultrasone iCans.   The X1's are pretty comfortable in bed, particularly if you rubber band the hammock - since you don't need the clamping force to make up for headphone weight when they're supported that way.  Q701's are the worst because of the clamping pressure and the bumps.  HD595 are so hot that if I ever move back to Chicago, they will be...
I haven't listened to the Sony much, but it is really light.  Out of the phones I've tried, I'd say the Fidelio X1's are the most "breathable" so far and they sound very good.  Not as clear as the K712, but on the other hand, they're a little more relaxed and forgiving.  Nice bass on them also.  They're not all that light, but they're really pretty comfortable considering.   I replaced the cable on them and have been powering them with an Asgard 2, which works great with...
I"m still searching also, but so far Philips Fidelio X1 are the coolest followed by AKG K712.  Hottest ones are by far Ultrasone Pro650. Beyer DT770 pro, AKG Q701 and hottest of all are Sennheiser HD595.  I'm interested to hear more comments and comparisons
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