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thanks for all the suggestions! the product page for the Z02 is interesting(out of stock $250 used 120 new lol). yea I guess from the feedback maybe i got rid of a good pair of pro 900s because the e12 has poor bass? oh well they wanted a lot of money for those and now they want more :D i wish i had just kept those now. ideally i would like to just turn my dt770 into bass monsters. the vmodas look well built. I fell in love with the velour earpads already its hard to go...
I already own those. pure junk, but actually going in the right direction. I don't think I'm asking too much to feel the beat am I? you're starting to make me feel guilty listening to these bass boosted cans right now..
chya 300 dollars for plastic crap. are you just trying to troll me and be offensive? lol
I just looked up the range on the barracudas 1.5 hz thats low! I don't think the skullcrushers really compare to something like that but I understand where those recommendations come from. I haven't tryed the new "crushers" they are supposed to be better, but I'm looking for something higher quality. really i just want a place to complain about wasting my money on bassshead cans only to discover they have no bass. ie DT770 pro 80, anyways thanks for the response. 
I have been on the search for some portable headphones with thumping and vibrating bass for sometime. I recently sent back some 400 dollar Ultrasone Pro 900 and now they are priced at 550 don't i feel stupid, could've copped those on ebay and pocketed the 150 dollars. :D any way I feel like the Pro 900 were good with an amp but the bass wasn't really driving. So I sent the amp back too. Next up the Beyerdynamic custom one pros. The bass seems to blanket the sound on these...
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