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Hey guys got a quick question for you. I just bought a pair of DT 770 pro 80 ohms and I want to use them with my vintage amps. My HD 600 sounds great through my Kenwood KA 3500 and NAD 7020 but my Phillips SHP 9500 sounds bloated since it's 32 ohms. Are the Beyers high enough on the impedance chart to sound good with the older amps? Or am I better off using the head amp in my Onkyo CD player?
Awesome thanks for clearing that up for me.
Hey guys I have a question about the Mad Dog 3.0. Back in July I got a used pair with alpha pads from another person on here. Since I know the version 3.0 is older, how long theoretically would the mod last? I enjoy the sound and have thought about upgrading to the latest revision. Do the changes inside the drivers go bad after a while? Thanks!
Thank you very much for the info! I started out with a Magni for the HE 400 and initially I thought it was great. Then later on I got the idea to plug my orthos into my vintage gear and was blown away. So I sold the Magni because it just couldn't keep up. Yesterday I bought a Vali so I am anxious to hear it with the Senns, I always wondered what tubes were like so this should be a good entry level amp.
Hey guys I have a quick question for you regarding headphones and amplifier synergy. I own a pair of HD 600, HE-400, and Mad Dogs. While I am aware that planar magnetic cans love vintage gear and the power associated with them, I've heard it's not as simple with dynamic drivers. I'm wondering if the HD 600 generally pairs well with vintage gear. Here are the amps I have at the moment.   Pioneer SA-7800   Kenwood KA-3500   Now I am aware that most people on this...
Yeah it is pretty terrible, most recordings released from the mid 90's and up are victims of the "loudness wars". They seem to think louder is better so they jack up the volume and compression so that literally no dynamic range is left. This in turn causes ear fatigue and limits the amount of time you can listen to something. 
I like QotSA a lot but sadly all of their albums on cd are overly loud and compressed. Even some of the vinyl releases don't sound good at all, which is a shame considering how creative of a band they are. 
Thank you for the suggestions guys! I now own a pair of Mad Dogs and HE-400s but these Audio Technica cans are enticing! The W1000X is making we want to buy it for the looks alone, I'm sure it sounds great. 
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