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 This table clearly is missing the most important driver material ... unobtainium
Can we agree that not everyone has to to like certain polarizing style musicians, no matter what instrument they play? And it doesn't matter at all if a person plays that particular instrument him or herself better than the musician in question. No one is required to play any instrument in order to be entitled not to like a certain musician.   Polarizing is just a way to get a lot of attention. This is the way it works in every aspect of public life. Not being in...
I totally agree ! If you want to chat over a beer go to a "sports bar" where nobody cares. To go to a Jazz venue and talk during the concert drives me nuts, too. I am usually not a guy getting grumpy at strangers but in the Blue Note there was a table behind us chatting the whole time until I couldn't take it anymore and brashly said "Hey can you keep it down if you don't mind? Thanks!" Some people are either just plain stupid or totally ignoring that others might be...
In which universe can anyone measure -350dB signals, let alone hear anything like that? What's the noise floor in a typical home listening room? What's the dynamic range in which a speaker or headphone operates w/o damaging the listeners ear drums? What's the dynamic range and noise floor of microphones? ... something has to first capture the analog waves of sounds before and super duper WTA WTF filter can the -350dB magic.   This all sounds a little over the top of...
Certainly the TV signal will deliver high rez quality KLAP
You avatar shows... I have not heard any of their latest stuff but a few years back I heard the Sonus Faber Fenice, the tech flagship, limited to 20 pairs and about 250kEur. Maybe it was just the pairing with a wrong amp (Krell KRA, 1000W class A monoblocks) but there was not foot stomping, no hand clapping the rhythm. It was an overdamped, perfectly resonance free behemoth of a speaker and a quite disappointing experience. The room got more than cozy w/o AC though. Mine...
pay per (re)view ... isn't that what this is called?
OK I'm in ... just guessing of course   1) 195684 2) 192224 3) 197669
My speaker set up : GSX-Mk2 --> First Watt M2 --> Sonus Faber Cremona   This is giving me the same detail resolution as the HD800 and this is at pretty low volume level: low gain, "1pm" on the volume of the GSX (DACT). Everything is just there and you can listen completely relaxed, you don't have to listen hard to get any details and you don't have to crank up the volume to hear it all. Love it
... not really. The GSX-Mk2 has been and is a great amp all along, just that is so transparent, it will only amplify the sound of the source.It is the best example of "wire with gain" that I have ever heard.When the source is shiit, it will sound like shiit amplified.If you change to a stellar source, it will sound stellar.This amp will tell it like is, the good the bad and the ugly, no matter what.
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