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 Honestly, I hope you won't get buyer's remorse just after the return period is over.You pay 3 grand and the item arrives possibly with shiit on it .With no change in sound signature during burn in, maybe it was a review sample and not really factory new?You don't really like the material of the pads, the weight and clamping force but don't feel too bad shelling out that kind of cash.The only important thing is that you like it with your favorite music, so congrats and enjoy
I am sure you will get your money back... though communication of headamp is not on the same level as the quality of the amps .Don't worry, it will take some time but you did not loose your money.
You can listen to an acoustic bass, bowed or plugged in a classical or small trio Jazz setting and enjoy the natural reproduction of the wooden instrument's body that is easily recognizable. Then you can listen to all kinds of electronic music with synth bass and e-bass guitar that produces a completely different type of bass. For the first type of music a headphone can be great but for the second type of music it lacks rich bass slam - which is fun to listen too, if you...
I thought I explained why it does matter to me.The entire write up can theoretically be total fiction.Without a specific point of reference (the music) there is no way anyone can relate/compare it to own personal impressions.You can assume he listened to metal and rock, you can also assume he listened to opera, so the same write up is very flexible for everybody's interpretation but it's not taking a verifiable position. Obviously it doesn't matter to the OP or anyone...
 Quite a lengthy write up but ... maybe I missed it ... you didn't with a single word mention what music you have been listening to.Your profile doesn't say either. I usually can't relate very well to anything abstract without a specific mention of artist, recording and track.Then I do have a reference, I can ideally check if I have the same recording myself or maybe know it well enough to put things in perspective.Just my $0.02.
It does have a label on it ... "tango nuevo" but uncategorizable or a category of it's own, I agree. Nevertheless great stuff from Piazolla.   Similar is this youg guy : I saw him live at Joe's Pub in NYC last year     And I recently discovered this album. Some songs in an unusual trio setting with male vocals, trumpet and piano. Great music and audiophile recording.  
@everybody, OK let's stop the attack
+1 , sounds like a promising approach.   At least I like what I hear out of this chain: Marantz SA11S3 > anticable XLR > GSX-Mk2 > Norne Vanquish dual 3-pin XLR > HD 800
 This doesn't seem to make sense to me ... I thought that "attack" i.e. powerful and correct representation of impulse is mainly defined by the ability of the driver to control the membrane movement both ways. It needs to speed up fast but also calm down fast, not to "water down" the acoustic signal's tails. Increasing the volume in a certain frequency area by a little does not change anything in terms of membrane movement characteristics, does it? But maybe we do have a...
LOL, the usual outbursts of pain and suffering are well captured
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