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 That sounds like a good deal to me. Black, DACT, 230V ... since deposit Jan. 2014
That looks sick . I'd be worried about any coloration of the sound though .
+1 , LOL. As for Pat Metheny : My wife has almost every of his albums.We have seen a couple of his live concerts together. She is a fan, I'm ok with him but nor a fan of any kind.As I do indeed prefer the sound of acoustic instruments - anyone call me a purist for that ? I don't particularly like his style and sound.Some of his old stuff is very good but his latest work, especially his orchestrion project (also seen live) is not my cup of tea.
Gregory Porter Al Jarreau
 +1, two minutes, that must be a joke - or he disqualified himself right there as owner of a GSX-MkII. Wrap it up and sent it back. +2 , pics or it didn't happen
That is the only statement about which there sould be no discussion when it comes to cables and connectors .
I am still old fashioned and buy CDs. I have a few high res downloads but honestly I'm not gonna pay for anything "rez'd up" that I own already in redbook format - which to me already sounds incredible. Since I have the HD800 (Jan. 2014) listening to music is so much fun again that CD's are piling up and can't cope with listening to all of them. But there are so many good suggestions in the music forum - I mostly focus on classic and Jazz - that I keep ordering quite a...
If I was Justin I would right away refund you your deposit and everybody in line moves one spot up.Done and over with.
LOL, I guess Justin should change the size of the face plate of the psu, if it's  half an inch smaller, no one is temped to stack both units .
Don't forget rule #1:  "You should not stack ! "   All the ones who have a GSX-MkII incoming from this batch , enjoy folks.
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