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 I am not sure about the mastering but at least at the recording session they used HD800 for monitoring :Norwegian 2L record label
I'm not into praying, I just count on Justin that my odd one out (230V but domestic in US) doesn't fall through the cracks of his shipment logic ... maybe a little praying won't hurt either
OK that's bold, good luck!
For anyone having been accepted as a early adopter (aka: beta tester) :   What's the warranty period on the HE1000? You don't fork out $3k without knowing this, do you ?
 That' just a little bit of over hyped, don't you think - even with the tongue in cheek. About 15 albums as a leader ... we will see who talks about him 40 years after his death.People who don't like "Sirens" label it as just above smooth jazz ...  +1 ... you don't judge John Coltrane. You listen and you get it or you don't.I can't listen anytime to Coltrane but if the time is right, then it is supreme
Of course you do have a point there but this usually should be the photographer's job to filter out before he releases the pictures. In case there was no "perfect" sample available HiFi man should have opted rather to wait than to post this example of sloppy trimming. I guess it won't affect the sound though but yeah for $3k every detail counts, more importantly this is just something you can see...
Good luck with your endevour. Technology manipulating the signal is indeed advancing fast, still I think the old fashioned time difference based natural detection of your ear/brain system works differently. The HD800 driver is in a different position than most other headphones and it is projecting the sound onto the ears rather than directly into the ear canals. This is close to the natural porcess of sound perception and maybe this is why it's so much better creating the...
That would seriously come in the way of enjoying listening with headphones. Luckily I have never experienced such a flickering effect like you decribe.
With my current set up (HD800) I have a clearly outside the head impression of the soundstage, e.g. a classical orchestra is realisticly spread out from left to right and of course in front of me. The Chesky binaural demo disc gives an eerily realistic impression about the position and distance from the mic in the various examples. I have heard a couple of other phones and they conveyed a distinct "in head localization effect" i.e. it sounds as if the music is generated...
I moved in from Europe, entire system is 230V, running on a regulated transformer. So wanted to stay with the same voltage for everything.
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