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I have the Mercuy box # I and I never had that impression. No tubes in my set up...One of my all time favorites is Brahms Violin concerto w. Szeryng and this doesn't sound any brighter than a violin in an actual concert.I am listening with the HD800, unmod.
 If you read the posting guidelines and you don't get the idea that you crossed the lines yourself, then I guess any explanation why your post has been deleted is a waste of time. When you go to someone's forum and the owner and moderators expect you to stick to some good manners and you don't, then just don't start to cry foul and censorship.I am most likely double as old as you are, as you were trying to round up the "young members" for support and my experience so far,...
I'd recommend to get a good (musical sounding with preferred style) source in the first place.An amp should not be a patch for some upstream issue.
Martha has quite a positive influence !
Obviously classical music it not purely art, it's mainly business. In a world of tough competition you need to find your way to stand out from the crowd, even it's just with a very small dress . Enough people are paying for the tickets...   Last piano concert I saw was with Jeremy Denk, I can't even remember what he was wearing. I was rather paying attention to his playing...
Beware judgement day will come:     vinyl upstairs , digital downstairs
And what is the point in linking to a collection of quotes from Oct. 2013 ? Btw ... what is Facebook ?
Certainly, that phone probably belongs to Nomax or someone who shared the picture with him
Last weekend I immersed myself into Ravel : I haven't listened to much of Ravel but the post about Francois's Gaspard interpretation got me started with this box:   The info about the specific recordings is a bit sparse and SQ is inconsistent but you quickly become fascinated by the lyrical playing and the slight tape hiss not distracting. What a great discovery.
Usually they get some form of compensation that is not taxable, so after tax doesn't really apply in these regions
New Posts  All Forums: