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 Curious, where do you live? A teen that doesn't have a computer is unheard of. Not saying that's a bad thing, quite the opposite.
how much r u buying the hd700's for?
598 is better n u will regret not getting it
i gaurantee u this, if u get the hd598 u will not regret.
get NFB-11
To those that chose DHL shipping, did they include a tracking number?
What did you guys choose for the declare value of the item? By default they declare it at $80 but they allow you to change this.
oops ok no problem
 interesting. the only headphones i used were 598 and 700 so i guess i wouldnt be able to notice this veil since i never tried any other headphones to compare it with huh
nope, changing the tv volume with the control has no effect on my headphones volume. the optical audio output is fixed line
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