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Yes connected to headphones, HD598, source is TV. Volume controlled by the E17. I'm playing the same files and didn't change anything so its either the device or me.
Used this at 6gain 60volume for a month or so, now the volume sounds lower than it used to sound, had to up gain to 12 to actually sound decently loud again. Is it just me slowly going deaf or the device's fault?
I am using the Fiio E17 with my HD598's and when I put the volume on high (6gain 60volume) I can hear some noise in the background on loud parts.   I am wondering if there is such a thing as an amp that would completely remove this noise? If not, what is the best amp at removing as much noise as possible?   (The noise is from the movie file so it will always be there but ONLY when I put the volume really high. I'm looking for an amp that can remove it).
I have movie A and movie B. Movie B's audio volume is noticeably lower than movie A (I can hear the difference, this is without the E17). However with the E17, movie B's audio level is the same as movie A. This is a good thing, I'm glad I don't have to up the gain for movie B.   I'm just wondering what is the technical reason for this?
 What if you can't increase the source volume and can only increase the gain and volume from the amp? Would I want low/no gain and high volume or high gain and low/medium volume?   
Anyone got any suggestions of a DAC/AMP that is worth upgrading from an Fiio E17? It would be nice if it has a number indicator for the volume levels like the E17 does.   Headphones I'm using is HD598 and source is TV optical toslink.   I live in Canada. What options are available for me to buy this? I can't find it anywhere online.
 When I try to change the volume via the TV remote, it only changes the TV's speakers volume, not the headphones/optical toslink volume. I will just have to see myself how 12 gain works out for me.
 I'm using the E17 with the HD598. My source is optical toslink from my TV (only to watch movies). 0 gain +60 volume wasn't loud enough so I did 6gain and +54 volume which is just loud enough. However one of my movies is lower volume so I know 6 gain +60 volume won't cut it, I would have to go 12 gain, that is why I'm asking this. (I have not tried 12 gain yet).
I know it depends on my setup, but in general, what are the chances of 12 gain presenting audio problems? (i.e. noise/distortion). 6 gain is fine but 12 gain is doubling it, so I'm worried the gain increase is too much. Am I being paranoid?
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