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I just received the Tesla and Tung-Sol tubes, they are beautiful, thank you!  It's fascinating to see such pristine vintage packages that are older than I am. 
I got a Darkvoice 336SE from a forum member a few weeks ago, and the previous owner was nice enough to include a brown-base Sylvania 6SN7 (JAN-CHS-6SN7WGT) and some type of 6AS7 with a metal base/straight bottle.  Since then I've tried a variety of low-buck 6SN7s, and I have to admit that I keep going back to the Sylvania.  Most were either really flat sounding (GE, Motorola), or actually had a strong hum in one or the other channel (Tung-Sol mouse ear, RCA).    Today I...
Looking for a single Tung-Sol 5998 tube, for a Darkvoice 336 amp.  Seem to be in pretty short supply, eBay prices for the few units on offer are pretty extreme.  Anyone have a single tube they'd like to get rid of?
I got a pair of these myself, definitely an improvement.  Nice clarity, especially with dialogue (I use this amp with headphones to watch Netflix).  Background music is detailed, but not overly emphasized, sounds very natural.
That's a pretty good price for a complete set of components!  I love the look of that amp; level meters plus a headphone out?  Nice! I was following an auction for a Harman-Kardon 730 Twin-Power, that single unit went for more than this entire stack.
A quick question for people who used non-metallic cases.  I'm looking to make a case from wood, with metal plates for the top and bottom.  Do I need to make sure all the metal bits are grounded to each other?  I've seen several references to grounding issues, and since the default project case is metal I wasn't sure what was required.
I appreciate the tip on tips, as it were!  I have a couple of different models of Panavises, so I think the two-arm version should suffice.  Most of the time I'm looking for an extra hand it's for light items, like resistors or switches, this will really help in those situations. 
Got my PCB on Monday, thanks!  Quite a bit smaller than I expected, still thinking of case options but it should fit just about any small case.
Panavise actually makes a model specifically for small circuit boards, but I haven't used one myself. I really like that GRS system!  I've ordered the double clamp model, curious to see how it works with the Starving Student PCB I'm accumulating bits for.
I have a Panavise Model 201, with an accessory weighted base.  It's quite useful for small jobs, I actually use it more often than those alligator clip "helping hands" setups.   Panavise also sells a weighted base in tray form, with a number of depressions for small parts.  Looks pretty nifty, I may get one of those in the future.  At the moment I have another Panavise on order, the Model 301, in a custom...
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