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Quote: Originally Posted by dumboearz I bought the Canamp to go along with my ASUS Xonar Essence STX for the PC because I didn't think the soundcard could power my AKG 702's....boy was I wrong. I just bought my Canamp in July of this year, so definitely in mint condition. PM me if you'd like to see pics. Thanks. ygpm
Hi Head-fiers I just bought a new pair Akg K701 and desperately need an good amp for it . My setup is: Macbook pro:-->.........->K701 Please help me fill in the spaces I´m looking first hand for Heed canamp but other options are also welcomed >>>>>>>>>>>>FOUND!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <
Do you still have it??
Still have it??
Looks good now i wish i have an amp
Can you ship to Europe??
What do you think about the sound??? size?? I´m still somewhere between this and the Monster beats..Still dont know where to go :/
150 eu for the K-701 considering the new AKG k-702 only cost about 160 eu as new on ebay...?
Can you ship it to sweden?
Can you ship to Sweden???
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