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Anyone know if all the enhancements will be apply to the song when they are converted to the library ?
I just found these triple-flange and they turned out to be much better than the stock grey bi-flange, they fits much better with smaller tube size one one end but widen by double on the exit. They come in 2 sizes small and big and fits much better than the shure stock Triple-flange they were just to big for me :/
A better IEM is never overkill for any type of player unless you have a street sold MP3 bought from China You will guarantee notice a drastic change in sound quality moving to more expensive earphones. I moved from the Koss porta to the UM2 and the difference was huge and when i moved from the UM2 to the SM3 the same thing happened again. If i were you 1. i´ll invest all my money for a better pair of earphones before anything else. The UM2 is nice but i think the...
From my experience i dont notice much change in sound quality from the players i have (Clip, Iphone, Macbook pro) The SM3 are very easy to drive and sound great out of anything i plug it to, the differences are not as big as my previous phones the UM2 to be even notice. You are fine with the Nano, a dap wont give you the 300 dollars in sound quality, save it and buy yourself something nice, a new pair of eartips will  give you more in SQ and comfort for your money...
Just found a very good eartips for small to medium ears It goes deep in and makes the sound much smoother and a lot less sibilance. They comes in 2 sizes big and small, goes in much deeper, fits and sounds much better than the Sensorcom Bi-flange i have before. I´d recommend these to anyone having fitting problem with Sensorcoms Bi/Tri-flanges size.
Just click "View" and select it from there :)
Owned the UM2 before for over 3 years and loved them but i must say the SM3 beat the UM2 in EVERY category by a good margin. If you have 400 to spend the SM3 is the best option.    
****Double post****
SM3 + Clip   I just moved from the Westone UM2 a huge leap in sound quality. Plenty of bass with a huge soundstage, almost make me feel like standing on the dance floor :O  
Still have it ?
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