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150 eu for the K-701 considering the new AKG k-702 only cost about 160 eu as new on ebay...?
Can you ship it to sweden?
Can you ship to Sweden???
Oh man its kinda Ugly
[QUOTEAt this point in time I am leaning towards the iAudio 6 for a few different reasons (one of them being it isn't styled like an iPod ).[/QUOTE] Hhehe me leaning towards the Meizu though becus of the juicy design and the external battery case and the price(200$ for the 4 GB player). If the Meizu mini uses the same Sigmatel-3520 chip as iaudio 5 and Meizu X6 then it should have the same sound quality as Iaudio 5 (which is more than great) then it will become my first...
Check the output frequencies and the headphones resistance high Ohms = Low output i recomend the Iaudio 6 with 30+30mw (16ohms) its more than enough to blow your ears off
The good: + External AAA battery case +20 hours internal battery time + Fm radio with adjustable equalizer (not possible with iaudio) + The disign and the price - Its Chinese (bad quality im not sure with this one but its a fact that chinese stuff get break easier) I´ve never heard of these Meizu player´s Sound quality but i hope someone can tell me Man i´m in the middle of Meizu mini and Iaudio 6 and dont know where to go
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