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I heard they will do a upgrade for 37€ if you bought yours longer than 3 months ago else its free :)
Thats bull i have the Galaxy S and the sound out of it is noticable worse than my Sansa clip and my old Iphone 2g and i also have the SM3. Better than the S9 ? thats the best joke i´ve ever heard :) The Galaxy is anything but good sounding. From my experience the Iphone series can beat any phones out there when it comes to sound quality. They sound very neutral and wide and will pair perfectly with more expensive IEMs especially those with warm sound signature.
I have one pack of 6 Sensorcom tips (4 new and 2 just tried once)  for sale or trade for some Shure Olive (small or medium) tips   Sale for 18 dollars shipping included everywhere.
You can´t
Anyone know if all the enhancements will be apply to the song when they are converted to the library ?
I just found these triple-flange and they turned out to be much better than the stock grey bi-flange, they fits much better with smaller tube size one one end but widen by double on the exit. They come in 2 sizes small and big and fits much better than the shure stock Triple-flange they were just to big for me :/
A better IEM is never overkill for any type of player unless you have a street sold MP3 bought from China You will guarantee notice a drastic change in sound quality moving to more expensive earphones. I moved from the Koss porta to the UM2 and the difference was huge and when i moved from the UM2 to the SM3 the same thing happened again. If i were you 1. i´ll invest all my money for a better pair of earphones before anything else. The UM2 is nice but i think the...
From my experience i dont notice much change in sound quality from the players i have (Clip, Iphone, Macbook pro) The SM3 are very easy to drive and sound great out of anything i plug it to, the differences are not as big as my previous phones the UM2 to be even notice. You are fine with the Nano, a dap wont give you the 300 dollars in sound quality, save it and buy yourself something nice, a new pair of eartips will  give you more in SQ and comfort for your money...
Just found a very good eartips for small to medium ears It goes deep in and makes the sound much smoother and a lot less sibilance. They comes in 2 sizes big and small, goes in much deeper, fits and sounds much better than the Sensorcom Bi-flange i have before. I´d recommend these to anyone having fitting problem with Sensorcoms Bi/Tri-flanges size.
Just click "View" and select it from there :)
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