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Believe me you´ll get plenty of bass (if the V2 and V1 sound the same). I owned the UM2 earlier the amount of bass of the SM3 is more or less the same and most of the time perfectly right (meaning skakingly good but not bloomy). SM3 doesnt need amp else you´ll just waste your money.
And the total price will be ?
They told me 60€ too but Just ask them how to make the payment and you´ll see :/    
  I emailed them yesterday its not 60€ neither :( To have your phones upgrade you´ll have to buy a new cable for 45€ + 77€ Maintenance offers so total price for the uppgrade = 117€ excluding shippings costs Madness if you ask me :/  
  So how much did they charge you ? Here people say 60€ but other place they say you´ll have to make a puchase for the new cable (listed for 45€) +  Maintenance and Modification Offer (listed 71.76€) = 116,75€ madness if thats true :(
So anyone sending back yet ? Is the upgrade price still 60€ including the cable ?
I heard they will do a upgrade for 37€ if you bought yours longer than 3 months ago else its free :)
Thats bull i have the Galaxy S and the sound out of it is noticable worse than my Sansa clip and my old Iphone 2g and i also have the SM3. Better than the S9 ? thats the best joke i´ve ever heard :) The Galaxy is anything but good sounding. From my experience the Iphone series can beat any phones out there when it comes to sound quality. They sound very neutral and wide and will pair perfectly with more expensive IEMs especially those with warm sound signature.
I have one pack of 6 Sensorcom tips (4 new and 2 just tried once)  for sale or trade for some Shure Olive (small or medium) tips   Sale for 18 dollars shipping included everywhere.
You can´t
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