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Followed your giude and bought the AD700 + Turtle Beach DSS2 with Bassboost. The sound coming out of this combo is just bloody insane. The DSS2 really help the AD700 to fill in a lot of weight to the sound.
Hi   Still for sale ?
Hi   Have a pair SM3 in great shape and would love to trade for a pair FX700. I´ve been having balanced amateurs IEM like forever and would like to make a switch to the other side for a change    Send me a PM if youre interested    ::: Nickie
How about SM3 ?
The Clip sounds great with my SM3 but sounded "OK" with my other head/earphones nothing spectacular with it other than the price
  I have the Sony X, Clip, Iphone 4, Ipad 2 and  the best sounding is the X followed by the Iphone 4, Clip, Ipad 2 when paired with the SM3.   And about those RMMA graphs i dont think they reflect much of real world performance just my 2 cents
I have the Sony X and the Rockboxed Sansa Clip, the X sounds much better than the clip when paired with my SM3, the best i´ve owned so far
The Sony X1061 is by far my best so far, thin, light and nothing can beat its sound quality without tripling the size :)
My Sony X sounds great with my SM3 V1, much better than with my Rockboxed Clip, Ipad 2, iPhone
  I dont believe in burnin but i do believe in bad seal, bad fitting, and difficulties of finding suitable settings and tips  that most users have to experience in their first week of a new purchase .... may be thats the whole mystery of it ? Even if its there are such things as burnin then i dont think pinknoise is really necessary for in-ear, its just your ears adapting to the new sound :)
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