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Sold !
Hi   Selling my H8pro to fund my surround sound system. Everything is in perfect working condition including box and everything that came with it.   Custom art ownership transfer is 75€ and i can send it directly to Custom art.   Shipping to Custom art is included in asking price. Paypal fees is not included.   Pm me if you have any further questions.   Best //Nickie
 With the bass switch on do you feel the bass to be overwhelming ?The boost is fixed and from various resources, many claimed its a bit too much but since the Harmony series have quite clean bass response this might not be the case i suppose
The difference is not that big so your opinion based on your H8 would suffice. I'm thinking about getting the Duo or probably the new Pure II.My previous experiences with amp was underwhelming so its good to have opinions before i commit to a buy
I saw you have the Vorzamp duo in your setup, what would be your choice if you have to choose just one of them to pair with the H8pro ?
Looking foward to thatI'm still looking for one but it's quite hard since I found the H8pro to be very picky
The fit is great with mine, lubricate it with some tiny bit of oil or it would be quite tricky to get them in at first. Tried mine with different DAP but the IPhone 6 is the best so far.
Hi I have a Studio V 3rd ANV edition player in good condition for sale or preferably trade for a warmer sounding DAP for my current setup. Following DAP are of interest with consideration for additional cash in between -Shozy alien (preferred) -DX90/100 Pm me a price or offers if interested thanks
I'm not sure if Threaten other reshelling companies with legal measures. Implement complicated design to render remolding impossible and most likely making them useless post warranty period. Take a ridiculous amount for ownership transfer and service. Is for the sake of " make it sound the way they made to" or for mr Benjamin. Ever ask yourself how it would be like if the same practice is applied every other kind of products ?
That's true but it's quite a dick move to go a great length to obstruct that possibility, even if such market is as tiny as you claim which obviously isn't.
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