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  I have the Sony X, Clip, Iphone 4, Ipad 2 and  the best sounding is the X followed by the Iphone 4, Clip, Ipad 2 when paired with the SM3.   And about those RMMA graphs i dont think they reflect much of real world performance just my 2 cents
I have the Sony X and the Rockboxed Sansa Clip, the X sounds much better than the clip when paired with my SM3, the best i´ve owned so far
The Sony X1061 is by far my best so far, thin, light and nothing can beat its sound quality without tripling the size :)
My Sony X sounds great with my SM3 V1, much better than with my Rockboxed Clip, Ipad 2, iPhone
  I dont believe in burnin but i do believe in bad seal, bad fitting, and difficulties of finding suitable settings and tips  that most users have to experience in their first week of a new purchase .... may be thats the whole mystery of it ? Even if its there are such things as burnin then i dont think pinknoise is really necessary for in-ear, its just your ears adapting to the new sound :)
Believe me you´ll get plenty of bass (if the V2 and V1 sound the same). I owned the UM2 earlier the amount of bass of the SM3 is more or less the same and most of the time perfectly right (meaning skakingly good but not bloomy). SM3 doesnt need amp else you´ll just waste your money.
And the total price will be ?
They told me 60€ too but Just ask them how to make the payment and you´ll see :/    
  I emailed them yesterday its not 60€ neither :( To have your phones upgrade you´ll have to buy a new cable for 45€ + 77€ Maintenance offers so total price for the uppgrade = 117€ excluding shippings costs Madness if you ask me :/  
  So how much did they charge you ? Here people say 60€ but other place they say you´ll have to make a puchase for the new cable (listed for 45€) +  Maintenance and Modification Offer (listed 71.76€) = 116,75€ madness if thats true :(
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