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The fit is great with mine, lubricate it with some tiny bit of oil or it would be quite tricky to get them in at first. Tried mine with different DAP but the IPhone 6 is the best so far.
Hi I have a Studio V 3rd ANV edition player in good condition for sale or preferably trade for a warmer sounding DAP for my current setup. Following DAP are of interest with consideration for additional cash in between -Shozy alien (preferred) -DX90/100 Pm me a price or offers if interested thanks
I'm not sure if Threaten other reshelling companies with legal measures. Implement complicated design to render remolding impossible and most likely making them useless post warranty period. Take a ridiculous amount for ownership transfer and service. Is for the sake of " make it sound the way they made to" or for mr Benjamin. Ever ask yourself how it would be like if the same practice is applied every other kind of products ?
That's true but it's quite a dick move to go a great length to obstruct that possibility, even if such market is as tiny as you claim which obviously isn't.
Still its a big step from "about" half the 1400€ and 1700€ price which it was before lol.
For me clip was an example as a reference to give an indication of how well these Ciem perform given a less powerful source, which is pretty much most mobile devices are nowadays. While I do agree totl ciems deserves a good source, finding one is not easy. My previous experiences with such journey has been very disappointing.Thank you for the suggestion. I saw one of these and the Hisound studio v in Asia a few months ago but chose not to even audition them for some reason...
 Hi Rollk2 Since you have both the EM32 and the H8pro how do they compare straight out of the Sansa ?
Since these have very low sensitivity and high impedance, how does these sound compare to other CIEMs un-amped ? For example the EM32, JH13Pro FP or K10 ? Straight out of the Iphone or similar devices ?   Average_Joe mentioned in his review that Sansa clip -> H8pro combo was unacceptable makes me worried
Completely agree with your input.    I was considering buying one pair of the SE5 but due to the current state of his owner-transfer and remold policy i might consider Customart or other EU-based company instead. Like most people here i have absolute zero chance of auditioning the SE5 or any CIEM for that matter before purchasing them. The main source of info has always been head-fi and other blog reviews. While they most of the time do provide quite helpful...
Thank you for your input.   I was initially thinking the same way but i also own the SM3 and apart from being a much thicker sounding IEM it comes quite close in term of sound stage. However i have problem getting good seal from my left ear consistently so i was hoping a CIEM would provide just that with more balance and details in the upper region. 
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