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Hi   I'm planning to go custom and wonder if there are any Custom IEM available that provide similar sound signature to the AD700 ? I love the sparkly highs and the details of the AD700 and would love to get a pair of CIEM that have these attributes + perhaps a little more bass.   I mostly listen to acoustic but also appreciate pop and hip hop but never rock. My budget is 1500$ and would prefer to listen straight out of my Iphone.   These are currently on my top...
Thats partly correct but anyway since JH dont offer reshell buying one and reshell buy other companies would definitely not preserve the FP functionality  
+1    Actually the sound from the DSS is much clearer than the Mixamp due to no interference from the mic channel. Tried the DSS once with the DT770 80ohms but it doesnt work out so well but for the AD700 its more than enough.
Followed your giude and bought the AD700 + Turtle Beach DSS2 with Bassboost. The sound coming out of this combo is just bloody insane. The DSS2 really help the AD700 to fill in a lot of weight to the sound.
Hi   Still for sale ?
Hi   Have a pair SM3 in great shape and would love to trade for a pair FX700. I´ve been having balanced amateurs IEM like forever and would like to make a switch to the other side for a change    Send me a PM if youre interested    ::: Nickie
How about SM3 ?
The Clip sounds great with my SM3 but sounded "OK" with my other head/earphones nothing spectacular with it other than the price
  I have the Sony X, Clip, Iphone 4, Ipad 2 and  the best sounding is the X followed by the Iphone 4, Clip, Ipad 2 when paired with the SM3.   And about those RMMA graphs i dont think they reflect much of real world performance just my 2 cents
I have the Sony X and the Rockboxed Sansa Clip, the X sounds much better than the clip when paired with my SM3, the best i´ve owned so far
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