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Minne have the 360 sockets but I'm not sure if it's mmcx, but by the look of it it does look very similar, will post some pics of it later
Midbass would be the last thing you should be worried about with the H8
Its definately thin for almost all electronic dance track to my ears.However it does very well with hard rocks and generally all tracks with dums, base and lots going on, you will hear it all, even the bad stuffs.It does very well with vocals like Sia and Regina Spektor but does not wow me at any point. However most asian tracks from Japan and Korea really shine on the H8pro
I owned the H8pro and the Em32 and I can say the H8pro is almost the opposite of the Em32. It's more analytical, more detailed and very textured given the right source, on the other hand the Em32 is all about being big, thick and powerful. The H8pro makes classical shines the best while Em32 makes electronic, dance and hip hop sounds like no other.If I have to choose again I'd probably go with the H8 non pro version since the high on the pro can render bad recordings...
 Are you sure its the T2 ?From the pics on their site its more like a standard Coaxial MMCX connector with the little pin inside the cable jack whereas the T2 have the pin on the earphones itself   
 My EM32 actually took less than 2 working days, its amazing how Earsonics managed to make them so quick ... I'm impressed 
Very interesting indeed 
 Sounds very good. BTW i saw they have a new 360 type of cable for their product line, do you have any intel on that ?
Anyone knows how long the turnaround time might be for Earsonics customs ?
Sold !
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