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Does Chord ASIO driver do error/skip checking and retransmitting of bad/missing packets? If so, Audio player is irrelevant. Unless unnecessary high CPU load causes more RF noise...
Sent a question to Chord two weeks ago about technical problems - haven't got a reply yet.
Okay thanks for the tip - I'll search those posts. I have new laptop and no load so that's not an issue. And several other DACS word flawlessly. Maybe Mojo have extra small buffer or something...
 I'm having same problem: frequent clicks and pops in Windows 10 with apps that can't use ASIO, like youtube (browser) and games. ASIO working flawlessly. Any solution for this?
 Thanks for the suggestions. I have two hps which work fine with other DACs so they should be ruled out too. Just came to mind to test with longer USB cable and that seems to help a bit. Maybe less interference from laptop now that is half meter away instead of few cm (inch). But not perfect yet.
It's not a problem where overall level oh highs is too high, it's just sibilance or glare of some voices. Like listening to FM radio where station is tuned just a bit off. A bit hard to explain.
I have listened now to Hugo, 2Qute and Mojo with Senn HD600. Hugo was the best in terms of snap and resolution but got glare in highs I couldn't stand. Same goes now with the other two. Bought Mojo since it was told to be a bit more dark but still the same glare and hiss, especially with female voice s and f. I'm using laptop and USB connection with Audioquest Jitterbug (also tried without). Tested also with Gustard U12 USB to optical converter and with that bass goes away...
At least Anker USB batteries are great. Work with Mojo too.
Not interested so much in technology, I only trust my ears. Of course psychology plays some part in this, can't rule it out ( "$10k DAC must be better that 1k DAC", "burn-in is good" ).
I have Gustard U12 USB-optical bridge between Mojo and laptop, so could be something else in the chain that is adjusting (can't be my brain ;) )
New Posts  All Forums: