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Any new impressions on 2Qute vs Hugo TT, especially on USB connection?
Would love the hear more impressions for 2Qute vs Hugo TT on USB connection. 
I have read that most DACs sound the best after being on for 24 hours. So I leave my DAC on all the time but don't know how it works with a battery powered device. There is this paper on the subject too: http://www.audioquest.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Phase-Noise-Jitter-Report-0317-14.pdf In my post I referred to burn in though, which is the time for a new device to settle in. That can be from 10 hours to 500 hours for different DACs.
Got chance to compare Hugo with Hegel HD25 and my current Exposure 2010S2 DAC for a long weekend. Unfortunately Hugo was not properly broken in and I'm guessing there is something wrong with my hp amp that I used with Hegel. So take this with grain of salt. Hegel is the most expensive DAC I have ever listened with headphones.   Immidiately noticed the extra detail and precise timing with Hugo. Sound is really crisp while sounding coherent and natural (almost). Best I've...
Thanks for the tip! Somehow I missed this newcomer. Has also galvanic isolation for USB as with TT.
Hi all,   Im looking for a desktop DAC for laptop/USB at the price range of Hugo. Hugo sure seems promising but are there any better alternatives if the DAC doesn't need to be portable? It doesn't have to include headphone amp but of course better if it does :-).   Haven't read all 900+ posts so sorry if this was discussed earlier in this thread.
I've been using (one) JitterBug for couple of months and I'm not quite sure what it does to sound. It seems to make music a little clearer and easier to listen. Less "digital sounding" at high frequencies.    Some listener are saying it makes sound darker and are not liking it. I wonder why no one has thought the reason why JitterBug would make sound darker.   Well if you think of - let's say - a 100hz sine wave and add or remove a bit from the signal, what it will...
I agree that if we have the perfect measuring system and it can't find any difference then the sound will be same. But if we are just measuring resistance and impedance, for example, do those values cover every aspect of sound? If someone finds that highs sound a little harsh with another cable but fine with another, should that difference show in those couple of measurement values? Can you compare two cables with a common multimeter and conclude that they must sound the...
Hi all you science guys! I'm still trying to be open minded regarding to cables. Can you proof that if there are not any differences that can be measured between two cables, they cannot alter the sound differently? That is objectively, ruling out all psychological effects.   I just got my HD600 and I'm going to try out Cardas cable with return option.
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