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I agree that if we have the perfect measuring system and it can't find any difference then the sound will be same. But if we are just measuring resistance and impedance, for example, do those values cover every aspect of sound? If someone finds that highs sound a little harsh with another cable but fine with another, should that difference show in those couple of measurement values? Can you compare two cables with a common multimeter and conclude that they must sound the...
Hi all you science guys! I'm still trying to be open minded regarding to cables. Can you proof that if there are not any differences that can be measured between two cables, they cannot alter the sound differently? That is objectively, ruling out all psychological effects.   I just got my HD600 and I'm going to try out Cardas cable with return option.
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Here are my short impressions of PM-1 after listening them for three weeks. They are really easy to listen. Physically light and comfortable (especially compared to Audeze) and sound wise there is nothing that bothers. So they are ideal, although expensive, for background listening. But for me my
 Well it seems that my amp doesn't like to be switched on for too a long time. It was off last night after being on for several days and midrange peeking has tamed noticeably. Still there though.
I think so too about midrange. I've been listening LCD-X for about a week now (after few weeks of burn-in) and comparing it to Beyerdynamic T1. Since Björk was mentioned, can't listen to that at all, midrange is too "shouty" like there is a narrow peak at some frequency. In general, I think the sound is a little more dry and grainy than with T1, but overall frequency balance is better with LCD-X. T1 is too bright. I'm really disappointed since I had high expectations. Amp...
 Kind of late but I have T1 + Solo ULD and usually I have volume at half way max. DAC is John Kenny Ciunas which (if remember correctly) has 2V output.
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