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I get this:     naren@chaembian:~/tmp/av710$ alsactl -f ~/tmp/av710/asound.state.20100619.01 restore Unknown hardware: "ICE1724" "VIA Technologies id 83" "AC97a:56494183" "0x1412" "0x1724" Hardware is initialized using a guess method /usr/share/alsa/init/default:51: control element not found /usr/share/alsa/init/default:52: missing closing brace for format /usr/share/alsa/init/default:52: error parsing CTL attribute /usr/share/alsa/init/default:52:...
Hi I'm a happy PX100 user. But during commutation, the external noise renders its useless. I'm thinking that an IEM will help me here. I'm looking out for helpful suggestions towards this: - An IEM that has the same sound signature as PX100 - Not very expensive. Probably $80 is the max I'm push up the budget, I think. (That said, if you think an IEM outside the mark will fit my need perfectly, let me know. Probably, I'll start getting used to the idea. - The setup...
Bought M^3 from Azure. He was very helpful and was patient through out the deal, through all my questions. I will never hesitate to deal with him again!
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