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Hi everyone I moved back to France and after some tought I decided to keep it. I love this DAP too much :)
Sorry for my late answer. I had some cosmetic issue with the first unit (the coating was badly done)
Hi  I am planning to sell my ak120 titan RWA 120  I don't know if I am going to sell it yet and I would like to know if someone would want it very mint condition (bought in february but had a problem so I got a new one in march).       CONUS only
Hi  I am selling my RSA The Intruder (bought in february 2014) It has the updated DAC It is in mint condition   It will be shipped from San Francisco.   Paypal only and please add paypal fees (you can choose to do it as a gift but I don't recommend that since Paypal's insurance doesn't cover that).
I used the ak120 > intruder > lcd-x, was a bad combination... Compared to my mjolnir gungnir combination
Has someone got the limited edition of the combo O2+DAC ?
I tried my lcdx with my ak120->the intruder amp (basically the same amp as sr71b). I really didn't like it in comparaison to my gungnir/mjolnir stack. There is a huge difference in term of detail, soundstage, mid-treble/treble frequencies and separation. I will never use ak120/intruder again to drive the lcd-x.
Same impressions here.I demoed a lot between the lcd-3 and lcd-x and i finally pull the trigger on the lcd-x.The lcd-3 has more air and is smoother and its end up giving the impression of being less precise than the lcd-x. The lcd-x feels like being more intimate too. That's why i bought the lcd-x
Thanks guysI think I will do the same. Any ideas for a good transformer for a mjolnir 230V to plug in the US 110 V ? Will it have some noise induced by the transformer ?
Sorry yeah only domestic for Korea..
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