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Sold!  Thanks for the interest!
 uh.  write in haste... thanks for catching the error.  I've edited my post.
Just used the HD8 DJ's in the studio for the first time yesterday.     1) isolation is outstanding (this was one of the key reasons I was looking at these cans).   2) great fit, at least for me, both over the ear and clamp.     3) that the cable can be inserted into either cup is a nice feature.    as for sound quality:  well, my segment on Tulsa's Mix 96 (What's Your Problem Wednesday) is mostly talk, as is my show on KRMG (What's Your Problem Weekend) so... I...
In response to questions:  Used less than 10 hours.  Absolutely no nicks or mars on the headphones.
Just dusted off another chestnut, The Complex by Blue Man Group. Can't stop grinning.
I picked these up while waiting for my Alpha Dogs to be delivered, and they're Way Too Much for my radio work.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with these headphones; they're just "odd man out" for my needs.  Headphones will be shipped in original packaging.   I don't have the experience nor vocabulary to effectively describe these headphones, but here is AnakChan's review:   Jibzilla's...
   Sorry it's taken me so long to get back here.  Buried at work. Here's where I'm coming from: First, Dan:  Holy crap!  These things are awesome.  It's one of the very few times in life that I've gotten a product that is absolutely worth more than I paid for it.  You've done a spectacular job with the Alpha Dog.     Now, the rest of the story:  as I was waiting for the AD's, I came across a pair of TH600's on sale.  Being the impatient sort, I picked them up.  And greatly...
Cool!  Entered.
I have some projects to kick out today, but I'll post my first impressions as soon as possible.  Let me say this:  if I were in charge at Fostex, heads would roll.
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