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Played my girlfriend Cynic's "Re-Traced EP" (which is some of the best music to test headphones to in my opinion) on my small rig of a pair of HD600s plugged into a Schiit Magni/Modi combo and it blew her mind. She wouldn't stop listening and completely loved them. I have overall had fairly positive reactions to the headphones I choose to show off to people. A headphone I think is actually really good is the Sennheiser Momentum; I bring those to school, plug em into my...
I would agree. I think one of the things that make the HD600 such a killer headphone is that you can honestly make them sound great with pretty much anything. If you want more or less punch out of them, they respond with amazing accuracy to EQing and they're full of energy so I wouldn't say they sound "dead" the way the the 598 can. At the same time, however, they're very clear and can be laid back when they want. They're just awesome!
I haven't read the whole thread haha. I was just stating my overbearing affection for the HD600s :)
I mean I didn't say that they are demanding of it as much as some, but I don't like how they sound un-amped very much at all personally. The bass response dies for one, and that's the most major thing but when I say it dies it DIES and that makes them pretty much un-listenable for me. 
The HD-600s are in my opinion, the best headphones you can buy for the price. Put them through a nice audio rig, and you'll likely never feel the need to go any higher. They mark the point at which audiophilism goes from investments in quality into money sucking addiction for diminishing returns, and are probably the best pair of headphone Sennheiser ever made (and this is coming from a MASSIVE Senn fanboy). They are beautiful to the eyes, have an unreal soundstange,...
the new solos actually did change their sound. It's not as drastic of an improvement as the studios, but it's certainly nice. I just hate the way the new studios look... SO much... The Solo HD however, is a very pretty headphone IMO, even if they don't really sound exceptional in any way, and are pretty overpriced. 
Yeah the V-Moda ones aren't really known for being super comfortable. They're actually known to have the problem that you had with the Momentum of not fitting all the way around the ear, but for way more people. 
That's too bad. Idk what to tell you, they are kind of hard to find anywhere but online. I just did a lot of research first and the HD600 ended up being exactly what i was looking for
I honestly just think the HD600s are some of the best headphones for any genre of music I've ever used. They're probably my favorite headphone made under 1000 dollars, but that's just me and I certainly haven't tried them all. 
I would HIGHLY recommend the Beyer DT880s for classical. They have a very nice bright and analytically sound that lends itself well to classical, especially through the Schiit Audio Valhalla, but any good amp will do. Some people say the Sennheiser HD598, but I personally think they sound boring and lifeless. 
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