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and the predator with 535 were great too ... the predator adds a meaty weighty bass too 
+1 ===> sony walkman
thanks dude
YES  ... my ranking to the latest walkmans from the best looking : ZX-2 > ZX-1> A30 ( it is the most handsome and practical one despite all plastic body but i really like it ) > WM-1A >  1Z >>>>>>>ZX-100
it has a better look :D 
actually I like the zx2 look more .. It looks mature unlike the 1Z
Try greys and greens .. I found that greens are awesome paired with the flat boring output of iPods .. They are really great and planning to get some .... Now using and living the greys as all my favorite sources are warm and lush sounding by default
I waited for something like the 1A dedicated only to audio quality as a Walkman should be ... Unfortunately it passes the 1k $ hoped it was priced down that limit ... But if I can afford one will get it for sake of old days with my awesome sounding diskman ... Waiting money and most importantly a serious reviews and comparisons specially with dedicated dac- amps at that price bracket
I have an RSA Predator and that thing needs burning in like a hell !!! and takes a very long time too !! and had really weird moods from harsh and plain sound to a warm with very meaty and musical bass and sound quality !!! .. this is my first audio device that makes me believe in burning in an electronic device , caps and these things ! then came my A10 ... and while no word on burning in that device in the internet  but it shows some signs of change too after a long...
yes i know .. on our screens those players looks like a better deal than walkmans .. like both Fiio x3 and walkman A 10 ... according to specs and on paper fiio is better dap than the walkman hands down : a dedicated high end Wolfson dac , a way way more powerful amp and a regular 3.5 mm line out and it is so powerful too ... i have both and from my actual experience i grab the walkman each time i am listening to my music ... it is lighter .. more intuitive ... better...
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