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is there a stage that the ZX 1 sounds weird ... like it makes an effort to separate crowded fast instruments in metal music ? not all the times but with certain songs of Dark tranquility for example .. and other question : if i updated the Fw , i have to do sense me channels analysing again ?
really nice ... minor differences between the  two i believe .. the same high quality material 
it is nice but the photos does not display i don't know why .... i have igadgetz one and i like it soo much         
now this is really nice .. what is this case ?
despite tht I love it but it is not the best match for my HD598 but it is awesome with both SE535 and etymotic hf-5 .. oh and IE80 too
i am not aware of any official leather case of this walkman except the one that came with it ...the only better leather case available was Dignis .. and it disappeared for some reason !!
yes , i think this is what we are talking about  pietcux and me by " all enhancements off " ... disabling the sound enhancements app will alter the sound a little bit as i remember , since i dont need lot of power from my walkman so i prefer to leave it as it is 
yes i 've tried that .. impressive but i find the sound a bit too sharp on the treble .. the sound do change with this configuration 
i was on the edge because of this ... thanks goddess of walkmans that led me to switch this option off   actually i was switching both Xloud & Clear phase on because i thought they affect only the players speaker and does not relate to the headphone out by any mean .. and i was wrong  
let me tell you something funny .... last days i found my walkman sounds funny !! constricted vocals and sound stage ... i thoght it is a period of burning in or so .. but didn't change ... all music sudenly sounded constricted and lifeless ... the vocals specially sounded like there is some bad surround effect running or so !!  i checked the eq .. off , the surrounds off , DSEE OFF !!!  But then i found the Xloud option is ON ... don't know when i switched it on but it...
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