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I was looking for the comparison between those setups from a while 
My walkman is in the range between 200-300 hours ... today when listening to my music.. i double checked it in 2 separate times to be sure that i haven't clear bass on !!!!! 
Try to leave it playing for about 200 hours and see if there is an improvement or not
Yep .. Specially that Sony themselves recommended that compo together
I don't think it is possible !
I have both x3and a-10 ... A-10 has wider sound stage and clearer sound .. Deeper bass X3 is far more powerful with energetic sound and with plenty of power
by the way ... i know i said before but i am really enjoying my A-10 with se535 ... it is really great specially after +200 hours of burning in .... caps burning in or brain burning in doesn't matter which is right ! .. ( i believe in burning in caps by the way  ) ... but i am enjoying it more now 
It hisses BUT never like the older walkman ... and you have to look for it to get it 
Exactly ... that is what i meant too ... and i agree with you in all of that as a description for A-10 too ... seems like it has a great value after all and i can get an upgrade in audio quality with a proper amplifier may be 
Sounds like A-17 to me  !! same sound description ! .... you mean by mids : the vocals ? or the entire mid range  ? as in my case with A-10 & shure 535 i find the vocals like a little distant and not forward at all .. congested may be ? .. but the entire mids are fine 
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