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Never took the screen protector since I got it.. So I never know ūüėĀ
cheers  .... hope i helped ... and you can also tweak the equalizer in your player a little ... it has a really good quality eq and se535 responds perfectly to equalizers 
1- Yes they do benefit a little from prolonged playback and they will have a little difference than now ... not a major change in sound and yes your brain needs some burning in too  2-your player is fine and very powerful i think ... the key for stronger bass is always getting a perfect fit ... i found that black foams are great ... keep in mind that they are not a bass monsters by any means
oh you said a portable amp  ... Sony PHA-1A is not just an amp ... it is a DAC-amp component ... so the signal from your walkman will pass to it digitally and it will convert it to analog + amplifying to your headphones which in my opinion will lead to more noticeable difference in sound than just an amplifier  in case of getting the PHA-1a don't worry about cables it will come with the cable that you need for your walkman may this video help...
No .. It is a data cable... You need a small interconnect cable from the headphone out to the amp in .... Or a prober line out cable made specially for Walkmans
  +1 this box like mine too .... no problems .... i bought them from an authorized dealer ... may be this is the packaging outside USA or so 
can not comment on IE8 sound as i didn't try it ... but according to my experience A-15 sounds better than my Fiio x3  .... in terms of software - usability - form factor - sound enhancements - battery life the walkman wins hands down 
aha .. i see ... never listen to mojo ... bot i am happy to see that my player and the predator in the same league .... my current and favorite setup now is Samsung S3 with  neutron app through the usb out to the predator's DAC-amp :) on low gain with SE535 ... it is a perfect compination for me in terms of bass and overall sound ... the predator's dac is not very high end but very musical and enjoying 
+1 with the predator ... it is very neutral and very clear 
Don't think so .... way complicated !
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