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thanks alot for your impressions .. much appreciated ... and i don't mind hiss actually .. doesn't bother me so much ...i like v-shape sound also ... specially using walkman eq  & clear bass ... so is its clear bass is powerful with those or had subtle effect ?
I need help with shure 535 guys ...does it have kinda metallic or slightly sharp treble with it or not ? .. I want to order it and that matter stops me till now ! It will be very pricy for me and don't have the chance to try it by my self.. So any add or help will be much appreciated.. My friend @gerelmx1986 told me that it doesn't have that kind of sharpness with his headphones..but i want to be sure from shure 535 owners too ..
any one tried A-17 with shure se535 ?
is this model the end model for sony (with the current models also) ? as there are rumors about closing the walkman department among other electronic departments !! 
i always find no benefit from pairing walkman with a fiio amp except the power thing .... other than that i prefer the headphone out straight from Sony  
no one knows any thing about the arrow 5 the most mysterious amp i've ever seen   ....except there is one or two here saying it sounds fantastic !!!!   
thanks a lot :) 
oh .. sorry for inconvenience  
If you have all those beautiful sonys ... I am more than interested to see your comparison between them
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