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can not comment on IE8 sound as i didn't try it ... but according to my experience A-15 sounds better than my Fiio x3  .... in terms of software - usability - form factor - sound enhancements - battery life the walkman wins hands down 
aha .. i see ... never listen to mojo ... bot i am happy to see that my player and the predator in the same league .... my current and favorite setup now is Samsung S3 with  neutron app through the usb out to the predator's DAC-amp :) on low gain with SE535 ... it is a perfect compination for me in terms of bass and overall sound ... the predator's dac is not very high end but very musical and enjoying 
+1 with the predator ... it is very neutral and very clear 
Don't think so .... way complicated !
It will among other great options and improvements if you are on the very first versions ... What is your current fw version ?
i love the browns ... i switch between browns and grey from time to time 
SE535 is better than SE425 in terms of soundstage and bass
nice pic for a great player
as said above i use now my Fiio X3 first gen as a DAC for my laptop to feed my sony sound system and it is way better than the laptop output 
Sony A15 is the best portable player i,ve ever had ... it sounds better than many iPod .. latest iPhone 6 ( it is a fine sounding device BTW) .. Samsung SIII ... even when S3 coupled with the predator DAC/AMP it can best it in airiness aspect ... BUT....i don't know about galaxy S6 to be honest ... i know that the walkman will fare well with your headphones and you can get better quality sound with the ZX series .. and may be you consider Cowon Plenue D .. it is a nice one...
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