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any body tried zx-1/2 and compared it to the PHA-1a yet ?
you mean A-10 ? ... if you mean it then yes ...BUT only if you can read japanes because the japanes version only use japanes language and no option for changing it to English !
the x3 is better quality dac but you can't play music from your phone through it .... it doesn't support Bluetooth or WI fi it is only a  player and a USB dac ... so your best bet is to use your phone to transmit the song through your imac ... then pass it through usb to the X3 ...  i believe so
i think the highest supported format is: FLAC 24/192khz
The 1000 post 
this is nice ... always having backup
good bye :) .... for me the ordinary smart phone will not replace an audio player any time soon ... or later actually may be because of psychological reasons ( really i do love DAPs ! ) from the old walkman & discman days !
every time i put the A-10 in my crowded pocket and barely feel it in my pocket ... without worrying about if it had enough charge or not .. plus that i like sometimes to play with its sound settings and it really has NICE sound quality .. the blind control in my pocket is amazing i even don't need to search for the buttons !! ....i feel blessed that i have that player
I use for album arts issue and it is very successful till now : Format factory : convert to JPG >> output : to source folder  >>> convert .... then i use MP3tag normally
nice car
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