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congratulations ... very interested in your impresions with PHA-1A as i have the walkman and shure and interested in adding pha-1a but questioning the added benefit ... 
don't know about your question ... but your mp3 looks great enough for me .. even without a mscard 
thanks a lot ... it looks great ... will get one soon 
from where can i get a better quality COAX cable than the packaged with the player ?
"It uses the LM6172 opamp and BUF634 buffers to achieve a high fidelity sound. "NX" stands for a crystal clear neutral sound with "extra" output power (added BUF634 buffers)."   from headphonia : 6NX description 
I believe that the new arrows will be more powerful with a better amplification circuit and that's it ... the 5th generation are already awesome ones 
try westone star silicon tips (which i use currently ) ... they are very comfortable for silicon ... and i have westone grey foams too but i prefer the shure black olives on it 
as i thought too .... i think that i really like the walkman eq as it is ... 1 step = about 3dband i've never tried to attenuate bass before and most likely will never do   ... i had F806 before and didn't liked its eq 
Is it a real increase in dbs values of the bands ? or more about fine tuning the same amount of increasing and decreasing ?
believe me ,,, if it is really 10 times better ( and i highly doubt that ! ) it deserves every penny of its price !
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