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Yes it is a grew player and I love it .. But the guy have already x1 and it is considered more neutral than the original x3 .. So x3 would be a debatable suggestion and kinda will depend on luck in pairing with his setup ... I own x3 and Walkman A-15 if I have a bassy or warm iem I would go definitely for the Walkman ... Or as I suggested before x3II.. x5II Of course the best method is by trying by himself with his gear if possible
I think not ... X3 2nd gen. or X5 would be better choice i guess ... because the x3 classic is bassy player too
you have a great sony setup ... cheers
hahahahaha ... yes
always and from long time audiophile equipments are not for all people ... who appreciate the slight changes in the quality of sound , build quality ... nowadays their are the same ignorant people who don't stop making stupid assumptions and conclusions about things they even don't understand what they are talking about ! ... my advice is just ignore them and listen by yourself if you like what you are hearing .. buy it 
Yes I know that it outs more than Sony I am talking about equalizer and sound enhancements... So according to you the problem of fiio eq is related to X3 only ..
Sorry didn't get you .. Of course not .. What?
Don't know how they are doing it but in Sony Walkman players I don't hear any drop in volume level nor distortion when using the equalizer !
i am enjoying Sense me channels so much
i am getting soon a BSG cmoy amplifier to pair with it and with my walkman , i sold my E11
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