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I ordered the M50 and can't wait to hear the difference. Also bought the SMSL SD-793II DAC for the headphones. Here's a quick video of it:    
I've picked up a pair of Koss DJ200 and like them a lot. Before buying them, I demoed them side-by-side with other headphones such as Shure SRH840 and AKG K550. I've also tried a bunch of Beats, some B&O, and a few Sennheisers (up to HD 598) from other stores. It's hard to comment on all those phones but the SRH840 sounded a bit bright and not enough bass and smaller soundstage compared to the DJ200, though they are very detailed. Just like what I've read here, the K550...
Denon? Big difference in price there. Anyway, I too was picking between the Panasonic and Monoprice, as well as Superlux 661b for a pair of budget closed over-ear headphones. I might go with the Panasonic most likely.
 How is it compare to AudioEngine D1? That's the only DAC / headphone amp I've tried so far that I can use as reference.
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