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Thanks for the confirmation Chinsettawong & AManAnd88Keys. I feel better already and coincidentally this is my 1000th post 
Does this happen to the Audeze LCD-X too?
I'm just wishing they'll produce the KC06 with the iOS and Android phone mic support.
Ahhh...I see, it's about the dots on the Spiral Dots tips the graph was trying to imply. My bad, castleofargh and james444   Unfortunately the insertion bore is too wide for ER4 and the Spiral Dots just won't allow deep insertion. It would be interesting to find out how they fare with the ER4.
I beg to differ on the Spiral Dots graph though, there's definitely a difference in sound. I can vouch for that, you'll definitely hear the difference (slightly accentuated lows and highs) even if you're deaf  My guess is that somehow the measuring equipment did not pick up the difference due to some unknown reasons. It could also be the way it was inserted into the measuring equipment too. Then again, every different insertion, even with the same tips will measure...
I'm totally blown away with the C5's performance paired with my Sennheiser HD600, Etymotic ER4PT, FitEar TG334, Audeze LCD-X and many more other IEMs and headphones. It's simply amazing how versatile it is.
Here's Speakerphone's measurement of the ER4S. Very interesting indeed, hope you guys find this useful: http://clarityfidelity.blogspot.com/2015/08/etymotic-research-er-4s-iem.html
Same here, I prefer the sound of the LCD-X, I tested all the LCDs thoroughly before making the final decision. I like the transient slam of the LCD-X too, very dynamic indeed, sounding like the real percussive instruments.
LOL.....thankfully LCD-X is not the "Prince of Darkness" Audeze is known for. Although the highs are not as hot as the HD800, I still find it very detailed and definitely not as dark as LCD2F. 
Thanks for your input RCBinTN, I'm well aware of the LCD-X reviews at HeadFi and all over the web. I'm just curious how David would rate the LCD-X against the LCD2 and LCD3. To my ears, the LCD-X sounds better than the LCD2 & 3.
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