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Whatever floats your boat is all good. Different strokes for different folks.
Stock Titan's bass and mid bass is already emphasized for me therefore adding more bass to it would render it overwhelming for me. Not a solution for me.
Thanks H20Fidelity, will wait for your findings. If it's the NFB-11 then it's the one with the Sabre ES9108 chipset.
Is that a NFB-11? Do let us know your opinion on pairing with the ER4 tomorrow, thanks.
I think you meant the Spinfit CP100 has wide nozzle with narrow bore and the Spinfit CP80 has narrow nozzle with narrow bore. Spinfit does not produce any wide bore tips yet as far as I know. Wide bore tips are like the one that you find on JVC Spiral Dot which has a wide nozzle too.
Yes, tips are very IEM dependent therefore Spiral Dots are meant for darker IEMs and SpinFit for bright IEMs due to the tip bore size. The bore size influence the amount of high frequencies that passed through it....the bigger the bore size, the more high frequencies passes through.
No, I'm not saying the Titan is thin, in contrary it has quite a bit of mid bass and can sound pretty hard hitting from the mid-bass and frequencies below it. The lower treble seems a little hot too but not over the top depending on the material that you're listening to. I would say they're pretty border line level for me. Due to the emphasis of these frequencies on both ends, the balance of the sound tend to be a tad accentuated on both ends of the frequency spectrum...
You're welcome Paulus XII, the Spinfits are good for bright signature IEMs and the JVC Spiral Dots are the other way around. I've tried the Spiral Dots with the Titan but it's too bright for my ears. Generally, wide bore tips are more suitable for dark signature IEMs and narrow bore tips for bright IEMs. Since you love Spyro Gyra too...here's sharing an amazing tune with you....listen to the slap bass and bass drum intro on your Titan and you'll be floored....Don't forget...
I've experimented quite a bit with different tips and have found that narrow bore tips seem to perform best with the Titan. It tames the lower treble without sacrificing much of it's higher extension. I'm now using the Spin Fit tips with good results however the bass and low-mids can hit you pretty hard depending on the material you're listening to. I must say that older late 70s recordings come alive on the Titan. If you like hard hitting lows and border line bright...
Try using the JVC Spiral Dot Tips with medium insertion depth (not shallow nor deep insertion) with the TG334, it sounds more detailed in the highs than the stock tips. Due to the large bore of the Spiral Dots, it does not restrain any high frequencies from the TG334 nozzle, instead it sounds as though it let's all the highs pass through the tips straight into my ears. You'll need to experiment with the insertion depth yourself to find that G Spot....oops i mean the sweet...
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