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I can literally call the Float v2 ear-speakers because it looks like 2 mini speakers on the ears 
The Float v2 looks super awesome. I hope I'll get to listen to it some day. Keep up the good work Wachara
Great....I just ordered the KC06 silver so I hope it's the same as the gold version. I'm not much of a bass head so I think KC06 should suffice.
Thanks for the info mochill. I asked because you had the KC06 silver before and now the gold right?
Yes...that's why Ety's ER4S sounds so good except for the lack of sub bass. Damn....I wish Ety can come up with a new model with just that extra sub bass 
Point taken Inks. I totally agree with you on using graphs as a good reference point but let's not forget also that everyone's ears are totally different and that makes a lot of difference in one's perception of sound reflected on the graph. We have to also consider that not everyone has perfect hearing due to the over exposure of loud music (self inflicted) and loud noises (occupational hazard). That alone changes one's perception of sound due to hearing damage and...
Totally agree with you on the Pistons v2 vs KC06 after checking out Tyll's graph. The bass seems bloated. I also remember Tyll mentioning about how good UE600 looks on the graph as compared to how it sounds. In other words, graphs are a good reference point but the end result is in our ears.
The trouble is sometimes graphs may be misleading because they look better than they sound. Moral of the story....Looks Can Be Deceiving. Mochill how does the KC06 gold compare to the KC06 silver?
Tried all the stock tips and still no go for me. Due to my ear shape, the large stock tips is the best fit but still highs are are harsher than the GR07 Color Edition and bass not as defined. I guess that's what we get for the price. I hope the VSD7 will offer much better sound than the GR07 Color Edition.
I just received my VSD3S today and to be honest I'm not too impressed with it. The bass frequency sounds a little bloated so now I'm back to my old faithful GR07. In all fainess the VSD3S is only half the price of the GR07 so in other words...we get what we pay for 
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