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If you think QB3 is good, wait till you try the QB3 tuned by AKG 
The DX90 is sufficient to power the ER4S but I prefer the sound of my FiiO X3 (1st gen) paired to my Mojo (via coaxial) better. My comparison is based totally without EQ connected to my ER4B or ER4S. Straight headphone out from the DAP (without Mojo), I prefer the DX90 better than the X3 (1st gen).
I have no problem using my Mojo as my desktop rig...in fact it just replaced my Audio GD NFB11 desktop dac/amp.
I'm currently using my ER4B and ER4S paired with the Chord MOJO connected to my iBasso DX90/FiiO X3 (1st gen)/laptop/iPhone 4S and it sounds amazing. I prefer the sound from my current setup compared to my previous Centrance HiFi M8.
It all depends on what you mean by further upgrade....better musicality, more bass or more mids??? Etymotic's target is a flat sound signature for the ER4SR. The ER4XR has a little lift on the bass frequency although not to bass head level because that's not Etymotic's target sound signature. There's plenty of choices with many manufacturers eg. FitEar, Noble Audio, JH Audio, Ultimate Ears and many others producing multi BA custom and universal IEMs. There's also some...
I'd say the new Etymotic ER4SR or ER4XR will be a good step up.
To be honest Luisdent, Etymotic needs a marketing guy like you (no pun intended...I'm serious). Having an Etymotic engineer at HeadFi is good but I think you'll be the perfect marketing guy for them....honest. Oh btw, that's a compliment ok, not the other way around. Just in case, I'm not under the influence of any alcohol or any hallucinating substance when I type this message  
I have ClieOS' S and B cables and I love those cables. I don't hear any extra bass coming from them and both of them are still working perfectly since the day I receive them.
Nice review luisdent, now I'm waiting to test it for myself and decide if I should get one or both.
Never Satisfied, do yourself a favor and get the Sony MH1 tips (not the Sony Hybrid tips) and hear the difference these tips make to the sound of the QB3 tuned by AKG. Like you, I found the sotck siliocne tips with the QB3 AKG a little congested and plumpy until I changed my tips to the Sony MH1 tips....that's another whole different story 
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