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Can't agree more with you on 2 cables.
I totally agree with you Udi. Having said that, all it takes is some common sense from the app developer  
My other complaint about the new version is that it doesn't remember where you're playing the file from eg. if I'm playing my files from my "Album/Local", it keeps going back to the Playlist page every time I want to play a new album. On top of that, I'll need to hit the Album icon and again it doesn't remember that I'm playing from the "Local". It always default to "iPod" instead. In other words I'll have to make a couple of presses before I get to select another album to...
Hopefully a replaceable cable will also be implemented on the final version   
If you want flat, Titan 1 is not for you. Titan 1 is a good fun sounding IEM which is far from flat.
Try and get the grey filters and Comply T130 tips for the PFE022, they're a heavenly match. The details of the grey filters is awesome and the Comply T130 complements it very well. The stock tips with grey filter can sound a bit tiring for prolonged listening 
Well....looks like there's plenty of choices at $550
Maybe not since hearing aid product is reaping in better rewards for Phonak....then again I don't mind daydreaming with you Jobbing because I love the Phonak sound
Just received mine 3 days ago and I must say bass is definitely enhanced and there seems to be accentuated around  6kHz - 8kHz region. It has an unmistakable V shaped sound signature. Oh btw, I'm on the large Spiral Dot tips. Other than that, the Titan 1 performs pretty well for the price but I wouldn't call it a game changer though  
Sonickarma, here's hoping that you get some time off from work to give us all  a review of the Fitear Fitear. Thanks.
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