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I have never seen a cloned Phonak ever before
You won't be disappointed with the sound quality of Phonak's range of IEMs but make sure it's fully working before you purchase it because there's no longer service support by Phonak.
Thanks for the informative and honest review of the Samson Z55. This is definitely the headphone to lookout for at this price range.I'm sold.
The high frequencies of the Bose Soundsport Wireless is smoother and yet more detailed. It lets you dig into the finer details of the music. The transient response of the Bose is also way better especially with percussive instruments like drums, percussion, plucked instruments etc. that has fast transient attack that portrays more realistic dynamics. The bass of the Bose is nice and tight with good punch yet not as overly accentuated as the Jaybird X3 therefore sounding...
I've been waiting for the SRM212 DAC/AMP for some time now and it's no where in sight at Stax website. I'm sure a product that takes so long to release must be fine tuned to almost perfection....Oh well, let's see if it is 
I've owned both the Jaybird X3 and the Bose Soundsport Wireless and I must say that the Bose is very comfortable and fits well in my ear. For me, it was the Bose's sound quality that was the deciding factor so I returned the X3.
Looks like you're one of the rare human species whose ears can audibly pickup 20kHz test tone 
How did you check your perfect hearing up into the 20kHz range?
The reason why I recommended the Shure SE535 is because that's a true mid centric IEM for people who love mids. Here's the link to Innerfidelity's frequency graph of the GR07 Classic: Hope this frequency graph will give you a good picture on how you want to boost your mids.
Astone, maybe you should go for the Shure SE535's all mids and nothing else.
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