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Hope that the T2E improves on the T2 by a big marginĀ 
Very nice review hakushondaimao, I was very impressed with the R70X when I had a brief listen to it at the Audio Technica booth at Winter NAMM in Anaheim a few months ago. In fact I found the R70X to be a better performer than the new M70X which is too bright for it's own good.
Try this combi Happytalk, it sure doesn't sound harsh to fact it's just perfect. Try the grey filters with the Comply T130 tips.
Doing your recording with Behringer mixer.....ooops.....I wish you luck my friendĀ 
Thanks for the tips nmatheis
Although the iPhones & iPads can drive the TG334 well enough, I still use my DX90 most of the time.
TG334 is so efficient that even my iPhone 4S drives it effortlessly but be really careful with the volume level if you do not want to damage your ears. The iPhone & iPad can drive the TG334 to insane loudness levels.
Just Rockboxed my DX90 but is there any way I can browse my files in my mini SD card instead of the usual Database way? Can I play through Albums? Sorry for this newbie question because this is the first time I'm using Rockbox.
You're welcome HAMS. Hope you'll enjoy the LG Quadbeat Special Edition (F420) as much as I do
Treble Is peakier with the PFE (grey filters) with stock silicone tips on the Phonak but somehow the Comply T130 tames the peaks yet not losing the treble just tames the peaks around 8-9kHz. The Phonak PFE with the Comply T130 sounds warmer than the QB1SE. QB1SE is pretty balanced unless you decide to go the deep insertion way which accentuates the bass frequencies and narrows the soundstage. I still prefer the normal insertion with the QB1SE which sounds...
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