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ZTE teases new audio-centric device for IFA: http://www.gsmarena.com/zte_teases_new_audiocentric_device_for_ifa-news-20098.php
Thanks for the confirmation Niyologist and Bhazard. Now it's just waiting for the Axon 7 to arrive and I'll be getting one soon. I'm looking forward to buy it soon....Honestly the Axon 7 is definitely fantastic value at $399.99
I'm planning to purchase the Axon 7 but I need to know if it supports OTG. I'd like to connect it to my MOJO via OTG when I'm at home. This is the only last deciding factor for me.
You'll get a slightly less accentuated low frequencies on the QB3 AKG which results in a more balanced sound.
Hmmm....I'm one of those rare ones who loves the ER4B 
More drivers = More crossovers = More chances of screwing up the sound 
There's a review of the Quadbeat 3 at Audiophile On: http://www.audiophileon.com/news/lg-quadbeat-3-review   Wait till he hears how good the Quadbeat 3 tuned by AKG (HSS-FS631) paired with the Sony MH1C silicone tips and he'll be singing more praises for it 
The RE400 cable is it's weakest link.
Trust me, if you want durability look else where. In short, the RE400/600 is not built with durability in mind 
Make sure you don't miss out pairing the QB3 AKG with the Sony MH1 silicone tips. The stock tips didn't sound so good for me....YMMV.
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