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Then maybe you should stick to Beats headphones & IEMs and stop buying or use anything with a Chinese character on it's packaging 
Looks like the T2 will be strong competition for the anticipated Havi B6....maybe even better, since it's a hybrid.
Girls.....line up and get your names registered with JH Audio. Keep in at a time rushing and hair pulling please's a sin to be in love with Layla and Angie at the same time 
Yes the right size JVC Spiral Dot tips pairs wonderfully with the Havi B3 Pro 1....congrats Wokei you're receiving yours soon 
Good to know that Cayin takes pride in supporting their product. Thanks, I'll continue to support your future product.
Yes, the Sennheiser double flange (large) is the best tips paired with the T1E & T1S for me. Hope you like it too.
You're welcome HeartSongs, you'll find lots of helpful people in the Havi family....we always help one another to spend more money in HeadFi  
Welcome to the Havi family 
Now I understand why you're getting a faulty unit. Don't be tempted and fooled by discounts.
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