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What 9kHz peaks??? Listen with your ears, not your eyes http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HiFiMANIE400.pdfhttp://www.innerfidelity.com/images/HiFiMANRE600.pdf
They're definitely not sibilant at all....even with the silicone tips. In fact the treble frequencies are known to be a little recessed 
Yes Duncan, the QB3 AKG is more balanced than the QB3 overall. On Speakerphone's frequency measurement chart, the QB3 AKG's highs seems a little more than the QB3 and got me a little worried at first. From my experience, though the treble of the QB3 is very detailed but it can sound a little over the top on some bright recording. The QB3 AKG's high frequency performance is a hair smoother yet not losing the micro details that I crave for. Of course this is the result of...
I'm still listening to them Duncan and I must say that I'm loving it so far. My QB3 sounds a tad thinner than my QB3 AKG due to less low-mid. I find that overall, the QB3 AKG mids sound a little warmer and yet the overall balance is pretty good with a slight lift around the bass region yet tight and taut without any sign of bloat. The bass lift of the QB3 is a tad higher in quantity. High frequency details are about equal though somehow my QB3 seems a bit more airy by a...
Just received my QB3 AKG today. The stock tips are just plain terrible....congested, narrow and some low-mid bloat  I quickly switched to the Sony MH1C tips and the sound immediately transformed to a much more detailed and airy, with better sound stage width too. Gone are those low-mid bloat with the original tips. Will report back after at least 30 or so hours of burn-in though I'm not a firm believer of burn-in.
Batman listening to bat music 
I-Sound from S Korea is the one responsible for tuning the Quadbeat range since the first generation HSS-420. I-Sound sure knows what they're doing and it won't be long until they tune it to perfection. I'm sure all the bigger IEM companies are watching them very closely because it won't be long from now when everyone can afford an audiophile level IEM at a very affordable price from I-Sound or LG. Keep up the good work I-Sound and LG. Everyone deserves to listen to high...
Thanks for the tips ZMan2k2 but I'm actually so happy with the pairing of my QB3 with the MH1 tips so I'll skip the RHA silicone tips 
ZMan2k2, please share some photos of the RHA dual silicone tips if possible. Thanks. Btw, you must be referring to the LG V10 mobile when you mentioned tricking the amp with a short 3.5mm cable, right?
Thanks for verifying on the LG LE-630 model. Now we know it's safe to get those LE-630 QB3 that comes in smaller boxes.They're actually priced at about $15-$17, much cheaper than the HSS-630 full boxed version. Looks like excellent value. I wonder if the LE-630 sounds exactly the same as the HSS-630 version.
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