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Sonickarma, here's hoping that you get some time off from work to give us all  a review of the Fitear Fitear. Thanks.
 Yes, I saw Cory Henry (keyboardist of Snarky Puppy) at the Winter NAMM 2015 KORG pre-launch show. He's a super awesome performer.
The Shure SE215 definitely does not sound anything like the T1E.
Thanks proedros
My RE400i (with mic) that I purchased directly from HifiMan's web store less than one and a half month ago is starting to crack though I've babied it the whole time. The inline mic is cracking up and having intermittent disconnection during calls. I need to angle the mic at an awkward angle to get it working again. I thought babying it will help in prolonging it's life but looks like I was wrong. HifiMan seriously need to look into their built quality issue. I've never...
Yes the Sony hybrids are very comfortable but from my experience, it attenuates the highs and accentuates the lows. The Phonak PFE tips are just as comfortable and does not change the sound character as much as the Sony hybrids for me. They're a little hard to come by and pricey too. Looks like earphonesolution is the only one that stock them. Phonak Audeo company (headphone division, hearing aid division is still oeprating) has closed down some time back.
Will let you know once I receive the Titan 1
Same here Wokei....blame it on H20 and HeadFi 
Can't resist the temptation H20, just purchased the Titan 1 from Massdrop  Thanks to you 
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