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I just purchased my N3 today and I'm liking it a lot with my Dynamic Motion DM200H. I've just updated to the latest firmware v1.1 and very happy with it...very responsive without any hiccup so far. I'll be spending some time to check out my other headphones and IEMs synergy with it. The N3 is an absolutely great value for the money DAP...awesome sounding...feature rich for the price. I'll be comparing it with my FiiO X3 (1st Gen) and iBasso DX90 soon.   Btw does anybody...
Has anyone compared the sound of the LZ-A4 with the Dynamic Motion DM200H? I'm very impressed with the DM200H's end to end frequency extension with fantastic detail retrieval without any low mids leaking into the mids. The transient attack of the DM200H is just spectacular especially on drums and percussive instruments. I'm really curious how the LZ-A4 compares to the DM200H. If the LZ-A4 sounds better and have better detail retrieval with better end to end frequency...
I don't know about others but my best results seem to be the Comply T130 (not the T100). Apparently, the T130 was made by Comply for Phonak Audeo PFE series IEMs. However, I find that the T130 works better for my PFE 1xx series and PFE 02 series with grey filters but it doesn't work as well for my PFE 232. The bass frequencies of the PFE 232 becomes too accentuated with the Comply T130 tips. 
Hmm...I'm interested too for $148. Please let us know where you're getting the LZ A4 at this price.
Just a heads up, Samsung S8 and S8+ are released today and they come with AKG IEM 
I noticed that the L300 measures much worse than the older model 207.
Thanks for the link to the 10 page measurement link 
I can't find the Stax SR-L300 frequency measurement chart at Innerfidelity.
As much as I used to love the Titan 1, I was looking for something better and tried the Titan 3 and 5, DN1000, DN2000, DN2000J and DN2002 but I was not satisfied with their performance until I accidentally stumbled upon the Dynamic Motion DM200H at E-Earphone Tokyo. The DM200H to me is the best refinement in sound quality above the complete Dunu range. Just in case you're wondering, I do not work for nor in any way affiliated to Dynamic Motion. I'm just giving credit to a...
Yes, totally agree with you on the Exynos S7Edge
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