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The reason why I chose the wide bore tip is because I don't want to lose out on the treble details after doing the deep insertion as the deep insertion method do really bring out the bass therefore the perceived treble could appear a little recessed without the wide bore tips. The trick to the deep insertion is to choose the tips size which is generally smaller than your regular tip size. That way you'll be able to insert them really deep. It might appear a little...
Here's wishing you success on the insertion depth method. Please report back your findings.
For those who complained about RE400 being bass yourself a favor. Use the stock single flange black wide bore tips and insert them deep....I mean deeeeppppp like Etymotic insertion depth (assuming your ear canal is big enough for this) and see if it's still bass light. If it is then you're a confirmed bass head and you should look elsewhere. From my experience, this insertion depth method truly brings out the bass. Experiment with different depth variation to...
I just had a brief test on the Audiofly AF180 at the Anaheim NAMM 2015 and boy am I impressed with it's sound signature. Can't comment much on it from my brief encounter but all I can say is that it's a very impressive performer.
After switching the stock silicone tips with the Comply T130 on my PFE022 (grey filters) and PFE232 (grey filters), I'm able to tame the treble peaks on these without losing the treble details and I actually love the sound signature more than ever. Indeed these are the few best IEMs that I've ever owned. If only Phonak is still around, I'll be expecting more fantastic IEMs from them.
Good luck Michael 
Congrats Wokei, you finally got the won't regret it.
The JVC Spiral Dot tips pairs very well with my Havi B3 Pro 1. YMMV
Have you tried your PFE012 (grey filter) with the Comply T130 foam tips? If not, you truly must try it and you'll understand what I mean.
That's an amazing bargain Ivabign, I had mine for $80 and I still think it's an outstanding bargain for the sound quality from these IEM. I truly love the sound signature of the PFE022 (with grey filter) paired with the Comply T130 foam tips. It's now my favorite On-The-Go IEM.
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