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Perhaps it's Hifiman's marketing strategy to make you buy a new unit whenever it breaks because you love the RE400/RE600's sound so much. What a good business strategy....I don't see why Fang Bian wants to change a fantastic business strategy that will bring more profit to his company  
Don't worry it's not a Samsung Note 7 
There was a Massdrop sales for the Phonak PFE232 that just ended recently. You can put a request at Massdrop to start another PFE232 sale. I did a search at Amazon and found PFE012, PFE022, PFE111, PFE122, PFE132 and PFE232 so you might want to take a look there yourself. Hope this helps.
If simply switching the SR to XR cable can change the sound from SR to XR or vice versa then Etymotic shouldn't produce both the SR and XR versions. They should just produce a single ER4SXR and just sell different cables to change the sound signature 
​Thanks for the tips Davy...and goodbye to Spotify very soon.
Thanks for the response Davy, looks like Spotify is not cooperating. Oh well then I need to know what's the best way to find out if my Spotify collection is available on Tidal. I think it's definitely easier to migrate to Tidal than to get Spotify to cooperate. I've migrated from iOS to Android so migrating from Spotify to Tidal is a no brainer then I suppose.
You've got PM Duncan 
I somehow wish that there's Spotify integration support on UAPP. Since I've just migrated to Andoid OS from iOS, my only gripe is not being able to enjoy my massive Spotify library when connecting my Mojo to my Samsung S7 Edge. I wonder when Android OS is going to fix this nagging issue. I hope Samsung & Android OS realize that this issue alone will tempt many like me to switch back to iOS. I know this is not UAPP's problem but looks like UAPP is our only hope because they...
To me, the HF5 is more similar to the ER4P than the ER4SR....YMMV
I manage to compare the Onkyo E700M and Philips Fidelio S2 when I was in Tokyo and I finally chose the Fidelio S2 instead. I'm currently using the Final Audio Design LL size (extra large size) silicone tips (purchased in Tokyo as well) and it sure sounds very good on the Fidelio S2. Totally agree with you Duncan about the Fidelio S2. I also purchased a pair of Dynamic Motion DM200H which of course trump them all in terms of sound quality. I actually discovered it by...
New Posts  All Forums: