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Trust me 2 headphones that are very much on my list
OMG don't make me have dreams tonight that It's gonna be in my hands tomorrow, I hate having nightmares lol! But when things get better for me financially, trust me I will own a pair for sure
No big deal I sold it on head-fi lol. how is the brightness compare between the 650 and 700? Honestly I really like as close to neutral presentation as possible.
I'm sorry but I can't agree with you at all that they are very close in comparison to each other. I have had both the 600 and 650 at the same time and the difference was major to my ears!I was using a single power slam tube amp and did a lot of tube rolling at the time, but nothing seemed to help my 650's get out of the dark so to speak. My preference does lean more to a brighter sound, but the 650 just took out all the detail I was looking for.I am also a Grado lover,...
Ok everyone it was me, maybe I should have given 2-3 stars but this headphone really disappointed me to know end! I just don't understand why I can't enjoy detail and crisp clean highs at that price level. Now everyone has a different understanding on how they perceive sound, but this headphone just didn't cut it for my tastes, and especially at that price range. I apologize to anyone who thinks the world of the HD650, but for me it will just sit in a box forever in my...
Thank you so much and omg I can't wait lol :P
I will be there I have been to the meet on Northern Blvd. and loved it, although it was many years ago, Please add me to the list I need a meet to audition equipment, thanks very much.
Thanks for all the kind suggestions guys, but this drive is hopeless at least that I'm not spending any money to retrieve anything! Anyway I found an older my book with about half the flac files that I lost on it, so any stuff that I really miss so much I'll just buy and rip again.
Just reporting in with my jealousy to all of you I am back after about 8-9 years and these where my favorite rock cans of all time, considering my budget at the time. Al is nt lost as I am buying them as soon as I can. Always go back to the tried and true is my belief
A USB dac to start off with using Flac files with foobar2000
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