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Now you need to delete it from the quote, if it is banned here.
I can't use open back headphones so I'm looking for something closed and still decent for fps. Cheaper is better, hence why I was looking at these
Are these any good for fps gaming like cs:go?
>most comfortable wearing design Those angles? Yeah, right..
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Nostalgia ftw
Linky link, please?
Are those XE800 out of stock from that one guy that had them for $50 or is the translator ********ting me?
I'm listening on high gain, during my commute through the city the volume is usually at 80 (+- 5), at home or in a quieter place it can go as low as 65.
I bought it from taobao and got it shipped via forwarding service. Mistertao, if I remember correctly. Cost me about $25 without the mic.
If you want the mic you have to buy the version "with wheat" or something similar.. Weird translation is weird :) I have never heard Pro80 and I haven't had much time lately to listen to the KZ-LP so I don't think I'll be of much use to you. I'm sure @peter123 will help you a lot more :)
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