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That's super nice of you, wish more people would do this. #totallynotsarcasm  Literally took me 5 seconds. do you know most forums have a "Search" button?
I got mine a week ago (ordered during the 11.11. sale but I live close to China rn) and so far I'm pretty satisfied. I'm waiting for a TF card I ordered during the sale as well and that is taking much, much longer to get here.
This doesn't mean a thing. First of all, sub-bass is below 60Hz and it's usually felt, not heard per se.Secondly, humans cannot hear frequencies below 20Hz and a lot of them can't even hear below 30Hz unless the sound is very loud and as before, even then I believe it's more of a feeling, than hearing... (Same thing for the upper frequencies, this depends on a lot of things, like how old are you, how much you work in a noisy environment, how often do you listen to music...
Can you post a link? I found it on AK store for $134.EDIT: Nevermind, found it for $99, ordered it. But they say they'll start shipping at the end of November :/
Now you need to delete it from the quote, if it is banned here.
I can't use open back headphones so I'm looking for something closed and still decent for fps. Cheaper is better, hence why I was looking at these
Are these any good for fps gaming like cs:go?
>most comfortable wearing design Those angles? Yeah, right..
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Nostalgia ftw
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