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Yes, I think it'd fit your preferences better than M5. And yes, Tracks (all songs) is alphabetical - not numerical.
Mayhaps that's why they tune their headphones and iem on the warm side You know, synergy and all...
My OP3 is similar. Lacks body and sounds sharp. I'm wondering if the OnePlus phones have high output impedance.
@audio123 has a good ear for gear. The comments were mostly to provide more commentary / justification for why he thought they were better. I think that's reasonable, and it seems like he's been working toward that with his later posts.
He wants 3.5mm balanced.BTW, I wish the portable manufacturers would just settle on one standard for balanced connectors, and I'd like it to be 2.5mm.
Fixed that for you
Pretty sure it just cuts off part of the album art because the album art is displayed full screen and the screen isn't square. I honestly don't look at the album art much anyways, so I've never worried about it.
Yes, I'm not the best at pressing it straight in, lol
Yes, it's pretty good, but their newer wheel interface is even better. I found that I had more mis-presses when trying to press directly in for play / pause than I'd like on M3. Got REW or FFWD instead more often than I'd like. Not a showstopper but an annoyance, nonetheless.
I'll stop by to check out the M1S and E1!
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