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So Andy, are you saying that if we don't like N3 we should make a video where we smash it? Bold suggestion, my friend
Well, alrighty then @nmatheisPortland, ORReviews in my profile and on my somewhat languishing YouTube channel
I'd be curious to give these a listen. I heard an early version at RMAF and would love to hear the final tuning and compare with my 99 Classics.
@jinxy245 - I haven't heard AP60, so I can't comment on that. I have heard some say that AP60 comes close to Shanling M1 for sound quality. I can assure you that Cayin N3 has better sound quality than Shanling M1. I'm just waiting on on the full production model before I comment on full functionality. For instance, I can't test duplex Bluetooth with the engineering sample. I know my M1 has some Bluetooth issues that crop up over extended listening sessions - sound starts...
I really liked these when I got them in for review. In fact, I liked them enough to bring them along for my airplane trip from Portland, OR to Dublin, Ireland. Unfortunately, I left them on the airplane. Not a good move on my part, bros. I can recommend them for a nice, smooth listen. Definitely not one of those thin, piercing dual-BA IEM 👍
I haven't heard it, but many people I trust have recommended to me to buy one on the spot if I ever see a good deal. I'd say go for it!
I would've left them in the seat pocket. Was having issues with the headphone jack on my seat, put B200 in the seat pocket to try another pair of IEM, and totally forgot to grab them back out after my 10 hour flight. Been using the other pair since then, so I just discovered that The B200 are missing last night. I imagine they're long gone by now...
Ack! I think I left my B200 on a plane
Crystal mod? Huh?!? Any scientific explanation for this mod?
Opus #1 Metal Version
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