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How's Shozy Magic @HiFlight? Sound signature? Volume control for IEM?
You should, bro. You should...
I hear Cayin i5 as narrow but deep, whereas I hear Opus #1 as wider but not as deep - more equivalent in all directions vs i5.
We always get sucked back in, don't we 🤣
I get many PM's asking which DAP is best or which is better out of a couple with no context for what the individual wants or needs. So, I ask a lot of questions and sometimes steer them towards something they hadn't even considered at first.In any case, @jmills8 got my interest up after chatting with him a bit about the X5 v3. We have similar tastes and needs, so that helps!
Yeah, I'll vouch for my man @PinkyPowers. He's just borrowing my Opus #1 out of curiosity. No stake in the game on his part. I think he's just impressed with it.Regarding whether or not something is worth the price or a better buy, that's up to each person individually. Some want a lot of features. Some just want a solid standalone DAP. Some are willing to compromise sound for creature comforts. Some are purists and are fine with screenless DAPs. Some need gobs of power....
Well, I won't argue from a feature set perspective, but we'll have to get X5 v3 in more hands and see how sound compares...
I agree with @x RELIC x. NH + Mojo is good, but (as with almost everything in this hobby), it's ultimately a matter of personal taste. If you enjoy a smoother, more immersing listen I think you'll enjoy the pairing. If you're looking for something more energetic and engaging, consider a different pairing.
Possibly. I had a review model but received another when I encountered some issues with the pre-production model (but NOT uncommon with pre-production units IMHO). I was under the impression that the newer one I received was a final production model, but the rep I was in contact with has since moved to a new position so I'm not totally sure. In any case, it's not a major issue for me. Just being transparent with my thoughts on the M1s.
I wouldn't go so far as to say mine rattles. It's more just that the buttons aren't quite as solid as I prefer. Some gadgets just have looser buttons than others...
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