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Thanks for taking a listen and letting the community know what you think about the lineup @alpha421!
Sorry, Nathan. They worked perfectly with my 2007 MacBook Pro.
To each his / her own
Curious what other TOTL IEM Samba can be compared with. I'm hoping to spend some quality time comparing 6R with a few of my favorite IEM some time this weekend and losing my thoughts. My weekends have been super busy lately, so I'm running behind...
OH, for sure. Coming from IEM with more aggressive highs like Savant, I can understand why some are finding Nova dark.
Gotcha. A link would be appreciated if you find one.
Just to be sure, you've switched it to USB mode?
Haven't heard of that earcandi thing. Would want some positive feedback from people I trust before buying, though.
You should go to RMAF 2016 in Denver...
Well, Nova certainly aren't as forward / edgy as Savant. I'd personally rather listen to Nova, but of course YMMV...
New Posts  All Forums: