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Seems like there's a lot of enthusiasm for the Delta and Techne. The Hyperion feels left out, so I'm going to help out... The Hyperion is the first IEM I can lay down on my side with comfortably, not have sound cut out, and retain its seal. I think it's the tiny size! Hyperion vs. Standard USB Connector Burn-in will commence in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
^^^ That graph doesn't look mid-bass focused to me...
Uh, ok. But where's the review of @acain's stand?
Man, I wish TPEOS would send us some of their IEM during development, so we could help them refine their product faster
No review. Just guidance during the development process.
The terminology / translation leaves something to be desired. I'd have menu entry called "Now Playing Screen" and call the settings "Detailed" vs. "Simple". @Shanling: Feel free to use that in your next firmware update By the way, any news on a firmware update @Shanling?
No, we can say we helped make them famous
Is it the same as the stock cable?After testing out the AD01, TPEOS could learn some lessons form Alpha & Delta. Same with the Trinity Audio cable.
You da man 👍🏻
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