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@x RELIC x: K553 + X3 is a much better combo! I'm not getting as dynamic a sound as I got with my desktop amp. K553 still sound a bit too intimate, but you're spot on about the HW Bass/Treble controls making a big difference. I pushed the bass up to +5, and they sound much more passable. Still not sure I'd want something like K553 for portable usage, but at least it sounds decent.
I'm interested to hear the answer to @ShreyasMax's question, as well.
I know. I wouldn't have thought a desktop amp would make such a difference, either! I tried with DX90 on Low, Med, and High gain with the same result - very poor bass response. Using a portable amp (E12 DIY w/OPA627and E12A) helps with bass some and smooths out the high end v The desktop amp kicked the K553 into another league, though I'm not as technical as others, so please forgive me if I make a mistake or two here... @Brooko posted an interesting article (forget...
@x RELIC x: True, I don't think the DX90 and K553 have the best synergy. The X3's warm sound signature should have much better synergy. However, even on high gain, the DX90 just didn't provide enough juice for the K553. Bass presence and impact was seriously lacking, and the DX90 is no slouch. A desktop class amp solved the problems for me.
@Reality: +1 for Philips L1!
Haven't tried the K553 with my X3 yet, but I did try it with my DX90. It sounded thin. It sounded noticeably better when using a portable amp and much better when using a desktop amp. By better, I mean more dynamic with much improved bass response and larger soundstage - so much better that I'm considering them stationary HP for use only with my desktop amp. Alone with an X3 - YMMV...
In Rockbox?
Yup, Explosions In The Sky are good. Stars Of The Lid anyone?
BTW @Wokei, I just had to send that gif to my two older, nerdy kids! We're lucky to have had a five-year outdoor play series called Trek in the Park in my town. Every summer for five years, they acted out a classic Star Trek episode for an increasingly large audience for free. It was AWESOME!!! Too bad it's over...
Yo, Wokei! Hope you're doing well, man.Star Trek babes should headed your way soon
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