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You can either use simple folder browsing or tag browsing on DAPs from Cayin, FiiO, and Shanling so no worries there. And yes, you can most certainly scan backwards and forward through songs. Besides not being a touchscreen, it's a pretty modern user interface.
M2 also has EQ adjustments. I prefer M5 to M2, but I can see some people preferring M2's sound signature over M5. If you already know you like M5's DAC, then I think that makes your choice a little easier
That's because we didn't know Celeste's name yet
Questions are cool @Jmop. I'm just interested to see this killer DAP in more people's hands and read what they have to say!
Let's see what you think when you get it @Jmop
Fuller sound + smoother highs. Not more forward, though - unless we mean different things by that.
I'd expect bad cards to have read / write problems and probably be under started capacity. This clicking sound is weird, though...
That sounds like a defective product to me. I've never heard any clicking from the card slots before - with any of my DAPs. Any ideas @Andykong?
@fredmad: Is the clicking sound coming from the card slot or through your headphones?
Agree @canali. Reaching out to Auduophiliac, AudiophileOn, Cymbacavum, Headfonia, etc. websites would be good. I don't read any magazines, so I'm not sure which of those would help. Any suggestions?
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