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I'm just going to use dbpoweramp and convert my flac files to alac, lossless is lossless, and run it out the line level dock connector to my e11. I've tried my mp3's that way and it sounded real good. I just need to convert and re rip some now. I'm sure the X3 has some SQ advantages but I like the classic interface. No perfect answers with audio.
Thanks for the multiple responses on Rockboxing a Classic. I seem to remember reading something about this and deciding the problems out weighed the advantages. I'll have to read it again.
How can you Rockbox a Classic. It's never been listed? I would like to do my 80gb.
Actually I was talking about itunes mp3 ripper. I don't see anything about flac in that post. But since you bring it up, the SQ of any flac file should be the same regardless of the ripper but you can have a ripper that drops data or introduces artifacts into the rip. That's why I like dbpoweamp's use of exact audio copy to compare to other rips of the same album. It saves in having to listen to the rip to see if you have an exact copy. I hate surprises when I'm set to...
You can charge it whenever you like. It's all based on full charge cycles. Most batteries are rated at 300 to 400 empty to full charges. So if you charge it at 50% that is a half cycle. Don't let it go to 0 and it's best to charge it at 30% or higher. Once a month let it go down to 10 - 20% and let it do a full charge with it turned off. (I don't know if you can use it while charging) This is about the best you can do to insure long battery life. Oh, if it doesn't shut...
dBpowerAMP compares your rip with a database of rips of the same album and lets you know if you might have a problem rip. Not every album is on there of course but a majority of my 500 + rips have been. It's saved me of finding out later of a flaw when I finally get around to listening to it. Nice reature besides the other things it does.
Thanks for the info. I really feel when clicking on an artist it should show albums and not tracks. Best of both worlds is to be able to set that up in the settings of the player. Some do that. Most use artist/album.
Thank you for the info. I use the album artist tag for the main artist and artist tag is either the same (over 90% of the time) or it's the individual artist on mixed albums. That way The Last Waltz will show uo under the band and most players can use the artist tag to show track artists. You can get a lot of Various Artists but not a problem for me. It would be for someone that mainly has mixed albums.
Mainly because itunes has junk mp3 ripper. Real good aac/alac ripper though if that is your taste.
You can't achieve what dBpoweramp does for free. That's exactly like saying I can play music on a $10 player so why should I get a X3.
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