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Thanks. I already saw that after Massdrop sending me an email about it. I might get them even tho I recently realized just how good the stock pads were on my head with some proper rotational adjustments.
Hello! I would love to buy some new pads to try with my TH-X00 and I'm especially interested in the ZMF Ori pads. Preferably not too worn pads, but just throw me a quick description with your offer. Shipping is to Norway, and for some reason most US residents believe it's expensive. Using USPS First-Class International shipping for my TH-X00 only cost $34.50.
Hi guys!   Anyone wants to get rid of their pair of TH-X00 before a new wave of massdrops hits the classifieds? I'm living in Norway and really want to try these beauties.* Shipping would have to be done with via UPSP First-Class International, which is a signed-for airmail service with tracking number. This is both safe, fast and affordable. The weigh of the double boxed headset would be approximately 1200 grams, which translates into $34.50 in shipping costs; not bad...
AHA! I thought the texture of the wood looked a little off when hearing that it was gonna be made of oak (oak has a slightly different color and usually larger cells). Glad to see that all the negative expectations might not come to fruition!
Inflated? I thought they were $50 cheaper than the RS1e, and we still don't know exactly (or anything) about how well/bad and different they will perform.
You guys might be putting a little too much into it. Give it some time, and with luck you'll be seeing reviews before stock runs out :) I'm guessing this because these are not as radically different in design as the Bushies were.   I would also agree that the brown headband would look really off with oak cups.
Thought I'd share my post here too:
Picture from Grado's own Linked-in page: From the picture it's obvious that these phones are open-backed. From the looks of it they're shipped with the plastic gimbals, probably putting them somewhere in Bushmills-territory (which I woulda bought if they were made from Ardbeg ex-sherry casks :P). The cup design seems slightly different, altho not by much. Let's hope the real difference is in the drivers and not in the limited...
The higher you go, the bigger diminishing return becomes. This is not entirely true until you hit a specific price range which I will not try to define as I'm way too casual an audiophile ;)
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