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Well course the Hugo should be levels above other DACs. It does cost an arm and a leg after all.   And when will the L2 come to the US? There's someone here who's been itching to buy it!
How much noise can you hear from the C5 if it is audible?
Heh. Funny how manufacturer specs always seem to omit output impedance.
Hopefully we get some measurements soon.
Measurements (Credits to       Impressions/Reviews:   Headfonia: Click Here Digital Versus: Click Here   Intro:   I've noticed that there wasn't a Fidelio L2 thread in the Full Size Headphones forum. There is one in the Introductions/Help/Recommendations forum, but I don't believe it belongs there.   These headphones with Headfonia's impressions and GE's measurements make them seem like the perfect fit for me, but alas, these...
Ugh what a shame. The frequency response and sound signature looks perfect compared to the NADs. Too bad that these phones were apparently never meant to be worn :(
Agh, why does the US release keep getting delayed? Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth waiting so long for it, but then I would always read Headfonia's review and that strengthens my resolve. 
Setup: NAD VISO HP50 on iPhone 4S playing 320kbps files, converted from lossless FLAC.   Lately, for some reason, in the majority of songs in my collection, the s and t sounds are very sharp and hurt my ears. This really only applies to the voices since cymbals and violins all sound great to me. It's gone to the point where I now mostly listen to soundtracks and other instrumentals to avoid those sounds. Can anyone explain what's happening?
So I've been using the HP50s for months now. For some reason, the T and S sounds are super strong and hurt my ears, I've never had this problem in the first months of using it, and what's even weirder is that these headphones are more known for being slighty dark. Super weird...
In case it hasn't been posted here already, the unmastered version of Tame Impala's Lonerism. Here's a picture comparing the waveforms of Apocalypse Dreams, IMO the best song off of this album from the CD (Top) and the Unmastered (Bottom). The difference is jarring, no more ear fatique!  
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