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 Apps that sell data about its users to China are a no-go for me. I'd rather it make its money in any other way. Just mentioning this because Hiby hides it.
 Pretty sure Spotify requires all unofficial clients to require premium (to make sure people don't bypass ads probably). You could try the web player in a browser which offers exclusive audio and see if that sounds better than the client (don't remember if web player allows 320kbps streaming or not). Google Chrome is an example of a browser that offers this feature, though I would recommend a Chromium derivative instead for many reasons, from debloating and lowering...
Free mp3's from 128 kb/s to 320 kb/s.
I don't use IEM's much, so I settled for some Monoprice 9927's that were on sale for $5 (and were pretty nice for being dirt cheap). Unfortunately, they were destroyed, and maybe getting something better will change my mind about using IEMs and make me eventually get a decent pair. I happen to have a $30 Amazon gift card I decided to use for this purpose, so they need to be no more than $30 on Amazon. I've been searching around on the forums with search and the buyers...
   Converting to ALAC will not cause any quality loss of the sound data (but will increase your file size with no benefit).    Quality will be lost any time your convert to AAC, no matter what has happened to the file previously. Your sound file will be different, and inferior to some degree.     Its the same algorithm, but not the same data, since the data was changed in the original encoding to AAC. Some of the changes will be the same (such as truncating very high...
When not using FLAC I definitely choose OGG Vorbis.
AIMP3 and Foobar2000 are my favorites
Tried Neutron but purchased DeadBeef Pro instead. Fewer features than Neutron, but I am satisfied with it.
 Did you mis-read what it is supposed to do? The checksum will not change because it isn't changing the file. It basically places the data of the file to contiguous memory on the hard-drive to improve CPU caching. If the operating system starts moving memory around, the memory of the file might get moved around, depending on the operating-system/file-system (NTFS that Windows uses gets defragmented, things like ext4 used by Linux does not get defragmented and much more...   Scroll down to free.
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