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Red is right for me, and I believe that is the standard for most cables. If you are using Windows, the speaker test in the sound control panel can confirm that for you.
Did you disable the Volume Normalization built into the Spotify client? It could account for a quality and/or volume difference.
The V-moda M100 has a lot of bass, and is generally one of the basshead choices for that price range. $250-$300 USD. I liked them when I heard them, but a little too much bass for me despite liking some V-shape. Also not the biggest fan of the design, but I think the plates are customizable.   If you maybe want to venture outside of the basshead category, just to add some other options, the Hifiman HE400's are also $250-$300 and I hear have pretty good bass for being an...
I'm sorry its forcing all of my text to run together and be unreadable, not my fault the post is like this. Why is head-fi not putting in line breaks that show up in the editor all of the sudden? 1. For humans, yes. 2. Data on a "Red Book" CD is PCM. WAV is a container that usually holds PCM data. It is uncompressed, because rarely do you need to fit more data on a CD than it can already hold in that format. Compressing it to something like ALAC would just require more...
Higher impedance requires a stronger amp, but it benefits from having a lower noise floor. If you have a noisy signal and can afford / have a good amp then go for high impedance, else go for low.
 Many prefer USB Audio Player Pro. Both are great and would be the two most recommended, though I use neither.
Loudness equalization hinders "accurate" sound the same way beats audio does. The beats audio probably has much better equalization than Windows does. You wouldn't have to bother with the "When computer starts" part if you want accurate sound. Bypassing beats audio is as simple as using a music player that has WASAPI exlusive mode and has it as the output so you don't have to mess with drivers. No need to get ASIO4All, WASAPI exclusive is just as good and probably has less...
 Apps that sell data about its users to China are a no-go for me. I'd rather it make its money in any other way. Just mentioning this because Hiby hides it.
 Pretty sure Spotify requires all unofficial clients to require premium (to make sure people don't bypass ads probably). You could try the web player in a browser which offers exclusive audio and see if that sounds better than the client (don't remember if web player allows 320kbps streaming or not). Google Chrome is an example of a browser that offers this feature, though I would recommend a Chromium derivative instead for many reasons, from debloating and lowering...
Free mp3's from 128 kb/s to 320 kb/s. http://biggigantic.net/music1/
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