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My ATH-M50s are pretty quiet when it comes to sounds presented as being in front of you as opposed to the sounds presenting as being at your sides, and so vocals, or other sounds presented in the same way, are being overshadowed by these other sounds.   In order to correct for this, I boosted the highs with EQ. It helped partially, but not enough. I don't want to change the sound too much (or make them more head-ache inducing than I already have), and so I'm wondering if...
I've also heard that Spotify's volume normalization can cause quality issues. If you delete the cache when enabling high quality streaming without normalization it sounds great. I hate Spotify, not because of the quality but for other reasons, but I hate all the other streamers more. Spotify in all its annoyances and bugs is still king of streamers.
1. How can I set my output to WASAPI Shared, as opposed to WASAPI exclusive or DirectSound?   2. Is it possible to display the current song progress in digit form anywhere other than the bottom left corner where it is inconvenient to see? Near the seekbar is preferable.   3. Is it possible to change the style of the seekbar without changing skins? Or at least a skin that will only change a minimal amount of things such as the toolbar?   4. Is there an option or...
The biggest difference in what you hear is going to be the speakers or headphones that are used. Most audio files that you find now are at a level where it is difficult to tell a difference, and so it doesn't make as much difference on the audio quality, of course still depending on if what you are playing it with is good at "extracting" that quality.   iTunes AAC is generally almost impossible to tell the difference from 196 kb/s bitrate and higher, depending on the...
Consider the V-Moda M-100
DXD is higher than that, 8.4672 Mbit/s per channel. I'm not sure a sampling rate higher than DXD's has ever been used, because it would be pointless to do so.
ATH WS99 or Soundmagic HP 200 are generally chosen as upgrades with a similar sound.
Exact Audio Copy
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