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Consider the V-Moda M-100
DXD is higher than that, 8.4672 Mbit/s per channel. I'm not sure a sampling rate higher than DXD's has ever been used, because it would be pointless to do so.
ATH WS99 or Soundmagic HP 200 are generally chosen as upgrades with a similar sound.
Exact Audio Copy
People generally consider the Sennheiser Orpheus, Abyss AB-1266, Stax SR-009, or Audeze LCD-3 as the best. It entirely depends on what sound signature suits you. Some people don't like any of the ones I mentioned above more than another headphone. But probably price has a lot of plecebo value, which is why those above are often mentioned as the best.
Some people don't consider it as the best for the price (though I can't think of anything better), even generally without a specific description of what someone is looking for. The V-Moda M100  mentioned is often considered an upgrade to it (but is around twice the price) to answer the OP.
FLAC is compression.
Its only $200 on amazon right now, but is easy to drive and is supposed to have good, slightly forward mids and adaquate amount of bass. I haven't heard them myself though.   I can't think of anything that might be better for what you are looking for without going above $300.
If both are being used correctly, there should be no difference between WASAPI exclusive and ASIO. ASIO requires a driver (some soundcards come with it, most don't), WASAPI exclusive will work on Windows Vista and any newer Windows operating system without having to install a driver like ASIO.   WASAPI exclusive will prevent everything else from playing sounds. Some games will even refuse to load because they can't get sound access. So if you use these you may have...
Youtube uses AAC, so the only reason AAC wont give you 5.1 if youtube does is that the plugin in question is re-encoding as stereo.   As far as I've seen, if I was inclined to use such a plugin (for educational reasons) the best one to be used is the following:   It claims to extract the original audio and in a test with another plugin that downloaded the audio as a wav file, they...
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