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When not using FLAC I definitely choose OGG Vorbis.
AIMP3 and Foobar2000 are my favorites
Tried Neutron but purchased DeadBeef Pro instead. Fewer features than Neutron, but I am satisfied with it.
 Did you mis-read what it is supposed to do? The checksum will not change because it isn't changing the file. It basically places the data of the file to contiguous memory on the hard-drive to improve CPU caching. If the operating system starts moving memory around, the memory of the file might get moved around, depending on the operating-system/file-system (NTFS that Windows uses gets defragmented, things like ext4 used by Linux does not get defragmented and much more...   Scroll down to free.
 I use Spotify because I don't own ALL songs that I would like to (as it is a continuously growing list), and would like to listen to them in the mean time without piracy, not even considering Spotify Premium's audio quality is considered audibly transparent by the majority of this community. Its discovery engine is total garbage though, hence youtube and bandcamp. But again, this is a discussion about a website, related to hardware, not at all about source material. A...
 I fail to see what my past posts have to do with anything. Nor do I see how someone listening to Youtube makes them unqualified for anything. I listen to my own music collection and Spotify more than youtube; youtube is only for discovery. The new look for the amp website is nice, to be on-topic.
 Because they know people's perceptions are biased by price.
Thanks for the help, but it doesn't seem that DeaDBeef on Android supports UPnP or DLNA. I guess I will buy Neutron Player at some point, though I preferred DeaDBeef when I compared them.
My Android phone has very little storage and no possibility of expansion, so I can't hold all of my music, even at a low quality. I've decided to put a few tracks at 192kbps on there, and stream everything at high quality from my Windows 7 computer when able.   I want to be able to listen to it with my preferred player, which is DeaDBeef, and not install anything if I don't have to. I set my music folder as a shared folder and was able to open it in my phone using ES...
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